Young woman serving at Cardiff restaurant describes how wealthy restaurant humiliated her


A young restaurant manager in Cardiff has described how wealthy diners humiliated her and said she would not tolerate such behaviour. Lily Griffith, 22, has made headlines around the world after her restaurant boss Cora said he was giving her the £1,000 paid by a wealthy group of diners because of the way they treated her treated at the restaurant.

Lee Skeet shared on Twitter an email he sent to the party leader. He ordered them to ‘never come back to my restaurant’ after he said he abused the 22-year-old member of staff. You can read what he said in full here.

Lily was in tears after spending three hours serving the table. It is reported that a member of the group teased her for being a low-wage earner and told her that she would have to work seven nights a week if she wanted to earn “living” wages.

She said: “He used demeaning tactics, trying to degrade me for the job I love to do. He was like, ‘How do you make a living? to that and ‘Why don’t you work seven nights a week?’ It was heartbreaking – I had put up with this demeaning attitude while serving them seven courses.

“I was even told to ‘stick my schnoz in there’ after they complained about one of the wines I served them on the seven-course tasting menu.”

Lee was furious when he found out how Lily had been treated at the Pontcanna restaurant and supported Lily.

Chef Lee Skeet, who runs Cora in Cardiff’s Pontcanna district

She told BBC Radio Wales: “I have a lot of support and I’m lucky that my boss and my friend Lee had my back. I respected him before but I respect him even more now.

“He didn’t accept this kind of behavior. Hospitality workers, speaking only from experience, have always endured. It’s not acceptable, and it’s time people like Lee, made it happen. a big deal and have not accepted and welcomed this behavior yet.

“I’ve been working for Cora for six months and every one of my customers has been so pleasant and kind. Everyone has been so kind and warm so it was a table in a thousand. It was difficult at the time, but I had Lee supporting me the whole way.”

Lily, who has five years’ experience in the hospitality industry, said: “We don’t want to name the individual, it’s not about naming and shaming anybody. But there is one point to make about hospitality workers and how they are treated I hope I treated him professionally at the time but by the end of the shift Lee could tell I had enough of being treated so badly.

The six businessmen drank seven bottles of wine during the session and racked up a £1,000 bill, the biggest since the restaurant opened in January.

The story made headlines around the world and Lee admitted over the weekend that it had been “a whirlwind few days” and the “toughest” of his professional life. Cora has been described as the “hidden 12-seat restaurant serving the best food in Cardiff”.

He added: “Since our drama at Lily’s Restaurant has been making headlines around the world, rightly so. After what happened, other people have come forward anonymously from the company involved. to tell their own stories of similar abuse, the director has stood down and the company is being independently investigated.

“It’s been hell for both of us, but I couldn’t be more proud of how Lily behaved. She spoke with confidence and class to countless TV and radio reporters without missing a beat. minute to run the restaurant at the highest level I just hide and cook.

“It all happened because of her class and integrity and I am in awe of the young woman she is. Well done buddy. You are literally an inspiration to so many people”


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