What our secret restaurant thought of Burton Market’s Summerhouse Bakery


This place has been a favorite for Burton coffee lovers for many years. And it easily provides the market hall with much-needed information. The Summerhouse Bakery is based in one of the indoor units in the Market Hall and its tables and chairs are now spread across the floor due to its continued popularity.

We sent our Secret Service diner to the cafe to experience the popular restaurant, including trying the food and checking out the vibe. As soon as you enter the hall, the café’s tables and chairs are essential and occupy a large part of the floor of the hall. This is truly a vintage chic English cafe that offers a warm invitation to its customers.

Our Secret Service restaurant arrived at 9am on a Thursday, so how would his food be when we passed? There is a long list of breakfast options and drinks to choose from to suit all tastes. There was no need to arrive too early as the breakfast service only stops at 11:45. There was, of course, the full English option, followed by breakfast for those with less of an appetite. There were also vegan breakfast options and a long list of egg dishes, such as the classic Egg Benedict.

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First impressions: There were at least 30-40 other tables in the room and by 8:40 am at least a quarter of them were full. It’s a popular spot with Burton folks for sure.

Grilled teacake

If you just want a drink, a selection of specialty coffees and teas are available. Your spy opted for an Earl Gray tea and light breakfast, along with toasted teacake, and found a table to sit down. I paid at the checkout and sat down.

How was the food up to par? After five minutes of ordering, the tea arrived within five minutes of ordering. It comes in a teapot with milk on the side so you can choose your tea color which I think is always the best.

The tea had a fresh, clean quality and despite a short wait in the teapot the water was still piping hot.

The tea cakes arrived shortly after with two generous helpings of butter. They were freshly grilled and hot which is vital. Nothing worse than a cold teacake. It was just crunchy enough, not hard or burnt in any way and the added raisins added that sweet taste.

Breakfast came with a choice of drink and bread

Breakfast arrived moments later and included bacon, sausage, beans, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and a slice of toast. The price also included the cup of tea. I could choose how I wanted my egg – fried of course – and my white bread.

The appearance of the plate is what you would expect from any greasy spoon cafe and all the dishes were very well cooked. The sausage was quite soft and juicy and really complimented the beans and tomato. The fried egg was to die for and oozed all over the food. By the time I got my toast on the side it was a bit chilly – but maybe I shouldn’t have left it so long. Again it was nicely grilled and came with spreadable butter.

After consuming my meal, I had noticed the large selection of delicious cakes and rolls near the cash register and couldn’t resist grabbing a Bakewell pie to take away. Absolutely delicious. The cakes are homemade and for the amount offered it was an amazing feat. There was a wide range of choices including vanilla galaxy cheesecake, biscoffe brownies. There were also chocolate eggs, brownie easter eggs, rocky road, slices of heaven, chocolate cake and cupcakes.

Would we go back to the Summerhouse Bakery? Absolutely. The Summerhouse Bakery is a cheerful and charming little corner of Burton that should be celebrated for the success it brings to the Market Hall. Food quality is good and good value for money too.

Bakewell pie to go

The law project:

Breakfast with drink of your choice: £6.50

Tea cake: £1.60

Bakewell cake: £1.75

Total – £9.85

* Tour was on a Thursday, arrived around 8:40am.

*Staffordshire Live make secret visits to restaurants, takeaways and cafes with a view to providing a fair, balanced and accurate report on customer service and the food on offer. Our hope is that, for the good of the business owner and the customer, we can report positively on the places we visit. However, if our experience is not 100% positive, we are required to report exactly what we find.

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