UK’s largest hotel chain adds plant-based bacon to its breakfast buffet


Guests of the UK’s largest budget hotel company will soon be able to choose a plant-based meat option from the breakfast buffet.

Premier Inn has announced a partnership with vegan protein company THIS in a bid to address the growing number of Britons who are choosing to cut back on their meat consumption.

Premier Inn adds vegan options to its breakfast buffet

The UK’s largest hotel chain has partnered with THIS to bring a vegan meat option at all its hotels. The buffet breakfast menu at all 852 Premier Inn locations will now include vegan bacon.

The plant-based slices, called THIS™ Isn’t Bacon, are made from pea and soy protein.

Vegan bacon will be offered as an option in Premier Inn’s all-you-can-eat buffet and in its no-meals offer for kids.

“This is an opportunity to provide millions of visitors with a hyper-realistic, plant-based breakfast option,” says THIS co-founder Andy Shovel.

There has been an increase in demand for meatless meals

Premier Inn announces its decision to include a vegetable option comes as more Britons choose meatless options over animal products for their daily meals.

Research published by YouGov found that 27% of people in the UK plan to eat fewer animal products, with many citing the environment as their motivation.

“It was fueled by a heightened sense of personal health and environmental awareness, post-pandemic,” adds Shovel.

While supermarket shelves now have plenty of meatless protein options for vegans and flexitarians, many want even more choice when eating out.

In a survey conducted by THIS in May, 75% of Britons said they wanted to see more plant-based options in hotels, cafes and restaurants.

The same study found that 48% of Britons would consider eating bacon or plant-based sausages for their morning meal.


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