Trash delivered instead of food – restaurant mistake or restaurant scam? What really happened?


More and more curious. the debacle of waste against food which has shocked us all does not seem to have come to a very clear resolution. However, all parties involved are now reluctant to speak publicly about the incident.

We did a bit of investigative journalism to see what we could uncover. Here are the facts:

  • On Friday March 11, Zephyr Jun Xiang Ng used the FoodPanda app to order sick worth S$19.48 from Casserole Chuan Wei Mala at 678A Choa Chu Kang Crescent.

  • The order was placed around 7:53 p.m.

  • He was treated at the restaurant at 8:06 p.m.

  • A FoodPanda courier delivered the order at 8:19 p.m.

  • Mr. Ng immediately realized that the delivery bag was too light to hold his order.

  • When he opened the bag, it contained trash and not his food.

  • Mr. Ng complained to FoodPanda. They refunded him the S$19.48 for his order and gave him an additional S$2 voucher.

When the news broke, some netizens doubted Mr. Ng’s version of the story. There have been comments about the restaurant scam for a free meal. At first glance, sending trash instead of food seems like such an absurd mistake that it’s no surprise some have wondered if it was indeed a scam.

screenshot of fb post

After further investigation, however, Mr. Ng was exonerated.

According to Shin Min Daily Newsthe restaurant reviewed its CCTV footage, which revealed these facts:

  • A worker was cleaning while Mr. Ng’s order was being processed.

  • This person placed a garbage bag next to other bags containing delivery notes.

  • A staff member then attached Mr. Ng’s order receipt to the trash bag.

  • The FoodPanda delivery man picked up the bag with the order number from Mr. Ng’s receipt to deliver it to his address.

So, Mr. Ng had no big plans to steal the S$19.48 seat, as the mistake clearly happened at the restaurant. There are serious questions about their internal SOPs if trash bags and food bags are kept in the same place!

However, there is another twist. The same restaurant had a very similar incident with the same restaurant just 3 days before!

image of black soup in tupperware

On March 8, Mr. Ng complained Facebook that his order of sick had been replaced by a “mysterious black soup”. FoodPanda refunded the S$23.48 and also gave her a S$2 voucher.

So why does this happen repeatedly to the same FoodPanda customer? I don’t know, but I’m sure he’s done ordering from that restaurant.

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