Timber Steakhouse in Portland, Maine will become a new bourbon bar


In every major city in the United States, one of the most tried and tested restaurant concepts is the steakhouse. There’s something about a perfectly cooked steak and delicious sides that makes people feel at home wherever they go. This makes Portland, Maine a single case study. In the past 8 years Portland has only been home to TWO steakhouses despite being a culinary destination. Soon it will be one.

Town Square Media

Town Square Media

Shared on Facebook, Timber Steakhouse has announced the closure of its steakhouse concept starting Saturday, March 26. They will take about 10 days to remodel and then plan to reopen under a new concept: a bourbon bar and lounge. Timber plans to redesign the entire dining room, with plush chairs and sofas as well as cocktail tables.

Town Square Media

Town Square Media

But will there be steak? The short answer is no. Timber plans to unveil a new menu with items that pair with bourbon. In their Facebook post, they mention that the menu will offer delicious starters but also high-end options like caviar, pâté, as well as meat and cheese boards. Some things won’t change from their steakhouse concept, as they plan to continue offering a variety of cocktails, wines, and draft beers.

With Timber’s change of concept, the only remaining steakhouse in Portland will be The Grill Room, located just steps from Timber along Exchange Street. The Timber Bourbon Bar and Lounge is set to open April 5.

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