This philanthropic restaurant in Oxford, Maine puts people before profit


I was recently driving through Oxford, Maine looking for a breakfast sandwich when I came across Daddy O’s. What I thought was just a classic Maine egg and bacon restaurant turned out to be the most philanthropic restaurant I’ve had the pleasure of finding.

It will now be my life’s mission to make sure that every Maine resident knows about this amazing place. Good luck having a conversation with me from now on without me mentioning “Daddy O’s”.

Daddy O’s Restaurant in Oxford, Maine

At first glance, Papa O’s is a classic restaurant with an old-school vibe and old-school prices. This is the type of breakfast where you walk in, see the black and white checkerboard floor and 50’s stools and trust what the cooks have in the back. You just know that whatever you order will be good.

The walls are adorned with more than 2,000 customer license plates representing all 50 states and 13 countries, adding to the quirky aesthetic of the space.

But this restaurant is so much more than a place for good vibes and good breakfast potatoes; it is a lifeline for the community.

Daddy O’s Act of Kindness Foundation

What first caught my attention about the restaurant was the self-service pantry they had in the lobby. As soon as we walked in we saw bins full of food and diapers with a sign saying “TAKE WHAT YOU NEED!” GIVE WHAT YOU CAN.

There were all kinds of different resources in the bins and it immediately warmed my heart.

I knew right away that I wanted to write an article about it. I went to their website just so I could tell you about the menu, but I found something far more important: their mission to serve the community through more than just a pantry.

As you can read their website, the restaurant focuses on people rather than profit. They run the Daddy O’s Act of Kindness Foundation which includes self-serve no questions asked pantry, diaper drives, annual car show fundraisers, Special Olympics events, food during the holidays and community dinners.

Give back to the community

Since 2015, the restaurant has raised over $100,000 which has been donated directly to the Oxford Hills and surrounding communities.

Their annual “12 Days of Christmas” in 2021 allowed them to distribute $16,500 to area food pantries and other nonprofits. During Thanksgiving 2021, they distributed nearly 500 meals to residents in need. Their 2020 Annual Car Show raised over $13,000 for Special Olympics Oxford County. The list continues…

Coming this month, on April 28, they will be hosting a community dinner with a spaghetti meal for anyone in need of a meal. They will be serving food from 4-6pm for anyone who wants to stop by and eat a free meal!! If you choose to donate, proceeds will go directly to Camp Sunshine.

I am in admiration !! It warms my heart to see a company put so much love and good into the community, but it also makes me a little sad that it’s not the norm. Why not do this everywhere? Why can’t we all just take care of our neighbors and take care of each other?

It’s an important reminder that there is still good in this world, there are really good people. I hope this article not only serves as a reminder, but also as a resource for members of the community who can benefit from Daddy O’s, and more, I hope it inspires other businesses to give back to our communities in need.

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