This Ocean County steakhouse is named one of the best in New Jersey


This is an interesting article that I came across on the best “small town” steakhouses in New Jersey. The article that I quote is the one written by Kim Magaraci for Only in your state. There were seven “small town restaurants” chosen from the best steakhouses in the Garden State.

New Jersey is a great state for foodies, and our small towns hide such great restaurants. The steakhouses featured below combine small-town charm and gourmet cuisine for an unforgettable experience..” behrouz sasani behrouz sasani

Below are all seven selections, including the selected steakhouse here in Ocean County:

7. Fitzpatricks Deli & Steakhouse

6. Robin’s Nest, Mount Holly

5. Prime 13, Pleasant Point

4. The Chop House, Gibbsboro

3. Library II, Voorhees

2. Arthur’s Tavern, Morris Plains

1. Franklin Steakhouse & Tavern, Fairfield

As you can see from the list of top seven “small town” steakhouses, our Ocean County representative is Prime 13 in Point Pleasant. Prime 13 is located at 710 Arnold Ave, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742.

Personally, I haven’t been to Prime 13, but it’s now on my list of restaurants I want to visit this Spring/Summer here on the Jersey Shore. I would love to see your feedback on Prime 13, if you have dined at Point Pleasant please post your comments and reviews below and maybe a recommendation for me when I go to Prime 13.

Feel free to also comment on any of the seven “small town” steakhouses listed in the article, because like Prime 13, I personally haven’t been to any of the other six restaurants mentioned.

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