This Brazilian steakhouse in Koreatown has one of the best meat deals in LA


Hollywood has never been a destination for Brazilian cuisine, except for the popular late-night scene at Bossa Nova, a successful Los Angeles chain serving Brazilian and international cuisine throughout the city. The traditional hearts of Brazilian cuisine in the region have been Palms and Redondo Beach – at least until recent years, when acai shops and other Brazilian restaurants began to move into new neighborhoods and exceed the churrascaria. Los Angeles now offers contemporary Brazilian cuisine, churrascarias, regional restaurants, lanchonete-style eateries, acai shops, espetinhos (meat kebab restaurants) and Brazilian street food stalls across its expansive landscape, but few had landed in Hollywood before 2020.

During the pandemic, Brazilian food in Hollywood and adjacent Koreatown has seen a growth spurt thanks to a trio of cloud kitchens and take-out restaurants: LA Brazilian Flavors (a ghost kitchen), Brazilian barbecue teamand now W Brazilian Steakhouse. The W is for Western Avenue, where the busy mini-churrascaria first set up shop as a cloud kitchen before transforming into LA’s most accessible rodízio, which means rotating service. Father and son Korean Brazilian entrepreneurs Chul and Eriky Moon (who previously owned Barbacoa, a Brazilian steakhouse in Santa Clarita in 2007) opened an affordable and unique churrascaria that “organically evolved” in Koreatown, and along the way have inadvertently helped Hollywood win one of its hottest Brazilian options in years.

“We thought we would do it as a ghost kitchen with a take-out concept, given the labor shortages and uncertainty about the future of restaurants during the ongoing pandemic,” says co-owner Eriky Moon , “but people kept asking if we were open for seated service. Indeed, with an abbreviated churrascaria menu and table-side salad bar service, the W Brazilian Steakhouse seems to have found its stride with on-site dining over the past few months.

Now it’s all on the bridge between the pair; even Eriky’s mother, Kae Moon, stepped in, preparing many of the restaurant’s hot dishes. “My uncle came to us with the recipe for pão de queijo made in a waffle iron,” says Eriky, “and he also gave us his waffle iron, which we still use. It’s a smart way to be space efficient while making delicious, moist Brazilian cheese bread – a model also seen at Valeu Espetos in Montrose.

“By keeping the salad bar menu short and only serving half a dozen meats, we’ve come up with a system that makes that price work,” says Eriky. For $39.99 at dinner and $32.99 at lunch, diners get all-you-can-eat picanha, garlic picanha, mini-beef (considered a tender and noble cut at select Brazilian churrascarias from the top sirloin), pork belly and a pair of grilled meats. sausages, all cut up beside the table by the solitary gaucho. Space is limited inside the small restaurant, so there is no room for a traditional buffet bar, which means Eriky and other waiters carry salads, beans, rice, mashed potatoes, steamed corn and sweet and peppery carne stroganoff on a cart at the table. Diners are limited to 90 minutes to enjoy the food, although the gaucho brings out the meat at a reasonable pace. And with the hot and cold dishes that arrive when you grab the first slices of picanha with churrascaria tongs, you’ll be feeling pretty satisfied long before time runs out.

A waiter sets dishes on a moving tray inside a dining room.

Plates of rice and sides like creamed corn on a metal serving tray.

A plate of eats like beef stroganoff, beans and meat.

Beef, salad, corn, beans, beef stroganoff, and more.

As of now, there’s no alcohol (although a liquor license is in the works), and a charcoal grill is expected to come to this accidental little K-Town churrascaria . There is also no chicken on the menu at the moment, which still surprises some diners. “We tried different recipes, but we weren’t happy with any of the cuts of chicken,” says Eriky. “They are too dry given our current setup.”

Reservations are recommended at this six-table restaurant, though it’s also possible to walk in and loudly plead within earshot of seated diners. Maybe with a little verbal elbowing, they’ll shift their after-dinner conversation to one of Koreatown’s many other options, including the nearby Biergarten or Coffee Signal. Leaving early is a civic duty at W Brazilian Steakhousebecause a deal like this is too good to keep to yourself.

W Brazilian Steakhouse is open to 147 N. Western Ave. in Koreatown, keeping lunch until dinner (closed on Sundays). Call (323) 380-7352 for reservations.

147 N. Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90004


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