There’s a Chinese buffet in Manchester where food is served via a robot


It’s official. The robots take over. But when they serve me unlimited Chinese food, I don’t even mind. Offering a service quite unique to Bury, Bolton and Wigan, the BellaBots form the USP of The Chinese Buffet, which allows customers to enjoy fully digital service when dining in their restaurants.

It’s a concept I can totally buy into, being the introvert that I am, made even better by the fact that the long menu is all you can eat.

Credit: The Chinese Buffet

Prepared fresh in the kitchen by The Chinese Buffet team Human employees, customers can delve into a menu filled with traditional Chinese cuisine, with dishes such as spring rolls, Kung Po chicken, Szechuan beef and more. Every dish is brought by the restaurant’s waiter robot, BellaBot, which you can grab your plates as it swings at your table. It’s an absolute dream come true for socially awkward people, with no human interaction required when ordering your food.

But Bella is much more than just a serving trolley on wheels. Run by a bespoke app, Bella can also interact with customers, sing “Happy Birthday” and make funny remarks such as “Stop touching my ear!”.

Costing just £12.50 per person for lunch and £20.99 for the “Grand Buffet” later, the Chinese Buffet allows customers to place as many orders as they wish while dining in the restaurant, which means the dishes are bottomless for the duration of the session. The best part? You don’t even have to get up once to enjoy the buffet.

The buffet also includes starters and desserts, with plenty of irresistible options (even if you’re already full!) like cheesecake, profiteroles and chocolate fondant. It’s a stretchy pant job for sure.

Credit: The Chinese Buffet

Speaking about their BellaBots, Paolo Hu, Managing Director of TCB, said, “The hospitality industry is currently facing unprecedented challenges in recruiting staff, so anything we can do to ensure that team members feel more valued and their job easier goes a long way in keeping staff motivated and happy.

“We are definitely the first place with robots in Bolton, nobody does that here and soon all of our branches will have at least two robots. If you look at Star Wars many years ago there were robots running around and now it’s happening in real life.

“Bella Bot is a great new addition to the team, allowing the front desk staff to spend more time meeting the needs of our customers. Bella never tires, she just keeps going, commuting between the kitchen and tables, literally hundreds of times a day, so our employees can spend more time helping our customers have a good time.

The Chinese Buffet can be found in Bolton, Wigan and Bury and you can find out more here.


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