The untold truth of Brazilian steakhouse Chima


No one leaves a Chima Steakhouse hungry – in fact, it’s usually quite the opposite. Many customers have commented on the restaurant’s wide range of offerings, most of which are all-you-can-eat. Chima’s signature cut is the certified Angus picanha top sirloin, which is served plain, with garlic, or with chimichurri and roasted jalapeño peppers. Some of the steakhouse’s other meat offerings include filet mignon, Cajun rib eye, New York steak, flank steak, and prime rib. While Chima’s specialty is beef, it also offers sausages, aji chicken, as well as New Zealand lamb (via Chima Steakhouse).

Chima Steakhouse’s rodízio also consists of less meaty delicacies such as mixed vegetable skewers and salmon with pesto or passion fruit sauce. Filled with color and texture, the restaurant’s oversized salad bar also offers a wide range of hot and cold dishes. There are soups, salads, cold meats and cheeses. There’s even farofa, a traditional Brazilian side dish made from yucca flour that’s been compared to spicy breadcrumbs, for Creative Loafing Charlotte. Finally, the meal can be enhanced with more than a dozen homemade dressings and sauces, ranging from staples such as ranch dressing and red wine vinegar to more unusual concoctions, such as Brazilian chimichurri, vinaigrette and mint jelly (via Chima Steakhouse).


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