The Roost Cafe has successfully reopened – Chico Enterprise-Record


CHICO — Chico’s Roost Cafe successfully reopened on Monday as people went at 8 a.m. to eat and enjoy the new location, about an hour after the cafe opened.

Linda Juanarena, owner of the Roost Cafe, said Chico showed up to support her. The cafe’s reopening comes about four months after the cafe was forced to close due to a collapsed ceiling. The Roost Cafe was located at 1144 Park Ave. in Chico, where the cap collapsed in November 2021. Shortly after closing for safety reasons, the cafe announced it would be moving to 817 Main St. in Chico.

Juanarena said the owner asked him to move because they wanted to demolish the building and create a parking lot. As the ceiling collapsed, Juanarena said she had just secured the new location.

“We would have continued as long as we could go until we opened here to retain our employees,” Juanarena said. “Because we lost some of our very good employees, they had to look for jobs.”

Juanarena originally planned to reopen in early December 2021, but was unable to do so due to supply chain and staffing issues. She said there were about seven employees who remained at the cafe and are currently in the new location.

She said many of the supplies they ordered took a long time to arrive. “We ordered a Coke machine in October and didn’t receive it until January,” Juanarena said. She also said she was struggling to get table pedestals, among other supplies needed to reopen the cafe.

“Now it seems to be rolling. Everything seems to be working,” Juanarena said.

She said she liked the cafe’s new location. Juanarena said it was a different vibe at the new location. She loves looking across the street at the health food store and she said the new building is so much nicer.

“I have a very good owner who has also done a lot for the building, which has been very nice for us,” Juanarena said.

The Roost Cafe is still hiring for all positions. Juanarena said the cafe needed cooks, dishwashers and waiters. She also said it was one of the biggest challenges she faced when reopening. Along with the new location, the restaurant now offers paninis, which are a new menu item.

“I’m grateful for the support today and happy to be back in business,” Juanarena said.


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