The Americano Italian steakhouse is now open in the InterContinental Buckhead

Inside the Americano

Photo by Will Pryce

The bone-in rib-eye takes center stage.

Courtesy of Americano

The latest in a series of Buckhead hotel restaurants to open (after Dirty Rascal in the Thompson Buckhead and the Betty in the Kimpton Sylvan), the american now serves dinner nightly at the InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta. Led by celebrity chef Scott Conant, known for his Food Network appearances and two James Beard awards – the Americano is a modern Italian steakhouse. The original site opened in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2020, and now Conant is bringing his favorites to Atlanta.

“Atlanta is a market I’ve always wanted to venture into. There are a lot of opportunities to have a concentration of people coming to your restaurant,” he says.

The Americano Atlanta is similar to the original in menu and design.

“I am of the spirit, if it is not broke, do not fix it. It’s a great Italian restaurant with great steak on the menu,” he says. “I didn’t want to limit myself to steak or Italian. It’s a mixture of both. »

Campanelle with gamberi

Courtesy of Americano

All Gucci cocktails

Courtesy of Americano

Popular dishes include pasta al pomodoro, polenta cremosa with truffles and Hamachi crudo, braised Wagyu beef cheeks and, of course, steak. “These are not classic Italian dishes, they are interpreted from the principles of Italian cuisine,” says Conant. “The spirit of Italian cuisine has a certain soul in the food, an inherent gracious hospitality.”

The restaurant will eventually serve an abbreviated version of the menu with an emphasis on salads for lunch, and a “traditional hotel breakfast” menu in an area of ​​the space known as the Morning Café.

In the evening, a condensed version of the Scottsdale cocktail menu created by Chris Cuestas is available, along with 120 Italian and American wines, including at least 12 by the glass. Some local and imported beers are also available.

black cod

Courtesy of Americano

drunk woman cocktail

Courtesy of Americano

Modern sculptural art by Peter Deise and unique wire-frame light fixtures set the stage for diners to relax in crescent-shaped booths or mingle at butcher block tables in the main hall. On the patio, cushioned wicker chairs and stone tables provide a comfortable place to enjoy the fresh air.

“I like to understand what makes customers happy,” says Conant.

He will be at the restaurant this week and will be going back and forth between his other businesses in the future.

Check out the menu below (tap to enlarge)

Americano Atlanta menu


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