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Butcher’s son interior

The team behind Agave & Rye seem to have conquered the quirky world of tacos and have now set their sights on steakhouses.

The company’s new Son of a Butcher — colloquially referred to as SOB — is set to open March 1 at the Liberty Center. The restaurant is located in Shindig Park, an event space also run by the Agave & Rye team.

Yavonne Sarber, founder of SOB and Agave & Rye, tells CityBeat via email that the new restaurant “evolves the stuffy steakhouse into something magical.”

“SOB offers everything customers expect from a high-quality steakhouse, without the white tablecloths, pretentious service and boring atmosphere,” she says.

Click to enlarge The menu will include "something for everyone," showcasing USDA Prime cuts, wagyu, caviar, shaved truffles and "gold foil options." - PHOTO: RMD PR

Photo: RMD PR

The menu will feature “something for everyone”, highlighting USDA Prime cuts, wagyu, caviar, shaved truffles and “gold leaf options”.

Based on the Alice-in-Wonderland-meets-baroque design of Sarber’s Agave & Rye locations, she says SOB’s look will play on the same ethos.

“We call it a ‘Southern Rock Tattoo style,'” she says. “Beautiful custom chandeliers. Same artists (like Agave & Rye), different touch. Same culture and same core values.”

SOB will have a large patio in addition to its interior space.

Sarber says the menu will feature “something for everyone,” highlighting USDA Prime cuts, wagyu, caviar, shaved truffles and “gold leaf options.”

There will be a sweet and spicy bacon and blue cheese burger, a New York-style Italian sandwich on a baguette, and a chopped filet mignon salad. For vegetarians, look for the cauliflower steaks and black truffle gnocchi. Prices for standard starters will range between $14-23, with premium meat dishes ranging from $40-100.

SOB will launch a dinner service, but there are also plans to expand brunch offerings. Although attached to Shindig Park, the restaurant will operate as a separate entity. But events may require SOB restore.

“Our service focuses on true hospitality with a mission to leave our guests without missing a thing,” says Sarber. “With every detail, design and inspiration revolving around our core values, our guests will enjoy a fun and elevated environment, an innovative menu, handcrafted cocktails and a damn good time.”

Son of a Butcher is located at 7630 Gibson St., Liberty Township. To follow Butcher’s son on Facebook for more details or visit

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