Shake Shake In A Tub’s Got A New Cafe serving Cheese Fondue, Ribeye Hor Fun Burger and more

Fans of all things cheese will love this one: Shake Shake In A Tub opens its first flagship store at 111 Somerset, and an exciting menu awaits! From Halal Cheese Fondue Dip to exciting menu items like the Ribeye Hor Fun Burger, you won’t find these unique mouth-watering dishes anywhere else go so wanna miss this. 😱
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Shake Shake In A Tub has long captured the hearts of Singaporean foodies, especially those who love fun and tasty bites. Not to mention that their modest kiosk has always allowed us to take our buckets of chicken or fries to go! And since so many fans fell in love with Shake Shake In A Tub’s dishes, the restaurant decided to open its first coffee shop in the heart of Singapore! 🥰 Its accessible location also means everyone can now head to the cafe and its new card 🤩
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If you’ve been to Shake Shake In A Tub, you’re definitely familiar with the restaurant’s beloved chicken and fries sets. But beyond the already tasty meaks, Shake Shake In A Tub’s new cafe will also serve unique treats like the Say “cheese! Fondue ($21.90, serves 2-4) 🤤 Accompanied by popcorn chicken and thin fries, expect to dip your appetizers in a warm cheese mixture swirled with a dash of lemon juice for a kick of additional flavor. And since you have a delicious cheese dip already prepared for you, why not complete your meal with the Fries-Go-Round Set ($15.90) ​​? With 5 addictive fries delights, you’ll bless your taste buds with your very own mini fries buffet! 😋

If that’s not enough, you have to check out the cafe’s main dishes. Shake Shake In A Tub is incredibly unique Hor Fun Ribeye Burger Set ($21.90), offers buns made with hor fun wok-fried egg-bound noodles. 😱 Here’s an adventure for a real foodie! Accompanied by a juicy and tender rib steak, you will dive into a succulent combination of flavors and textures you never knew existed. Fans of Shake Shake’s signature chicken and fries might also be tempted by the “DAEBAK” Korean Fried Chicken Set ($21.90)! The set includes spicy chicken, seaweed fries, corn dogs and kimchi – enough for any Korean food lover 😍
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Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the aesthetic decor of the café! The new restaurant is covered in pinks and yellows, perfect for that bright, IG-worthy shot you need to show off your meal! No pics or it didn’t happen, am I right? 😉

Tasty treats and delicious, scrumptious meals await, so don’t forget to share them with your foodie pal for your next meal! 🤩

Shake Shake in a tub
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