Road Trip to the restaurant: Shogun Japanese Steakhouse


CLARKSBURG, WV – Grilling. It’s the first thing you hear when you walk into the Shogun Japanese Steakhouse in Clarksburg.

Although the business has been in the area for many years, it recently moved to a new location: just across the street on Emily Drive.

An empty hibachi table, ready to be enjoyed

“We’ve been here for about 18 years, we’re going to be 19,” said Jun Liu, owner of Shogun Japanese Steakhouse. “But, for this place, we just moved in 2020.”

The restaurant staff are proud of the product they have produced over the past 18 years.

“We are very proud of it and we offer great food and great service.”

Jun Liu, owner of Shogun Japanese Steakhouse

Vegetables are prepared in the kitchen for guests to enjoy

The hibachi restaurant serves many options including chicken, steak, seafood, and a fan favorite, sushi.

“People love sushi, and also for our tenderloin and prawns. I think the tenderloin, people say, is the best tenderloin in town.

The restaurant offers a family and fun environment.

“Our price is good for families, parties, for example, kids love having birthday parties here.”

A family has lunch at the Shogun Japanese Steakhouse in Clarksburg

“I love watching the show,” said Mila Manganello, a lunch guest.

And hibachi comes with a little show from the chef, where the onions become volcanoes, the food becomes a game and the grill becomes a fireplace.


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