REVIEW: A simple but delicious breakfast buffet returns to Ale & Compass Restaurant at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort


Hello from Walt Disney World! The breakfast buffet returned to Ale & Compass Restaurant this morning at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, and we dropped by to start our day with a (hopefully) delicious meal.

Interior of beer and compass

Ale & Compass reopened for breakfast in August 2020, but the buffet is no longer available until now.

Beer and Compass Buffet Breakfast – $23

The buffet breakfast is available from 07:30 to 11:00. It’s a little different from other Disney buffets in that no eggs or breakfast meats are available on the buffet line. Instead, you can choose an entree from the menu to accompany your buffet selections.

Seasonal fruits

Today’s seasonal fruit options were pineapple, mixed berries (strawberries and blackberries), and grapes.


Two parfait options were available.

One had blueberry greek yogurt.

Another had strawberry yogurt with strawberries.

Although situated between parfaits, it was actually overnight chilled oats with strawberries.

Nut granola is also available to add to your parfait.

Cheddar biscuits and sausage sauce

Hot cinnamon buns


A small selection of condiments is available near the pastries.

Butter balls are available.

Above is grape jelly and below is strawberry jam.

Some croissants

The sign advertises multigrain and regular croissants, but only one tray of butter croissants was available.

Assorted muffins

Blueberry and chocolate chip muffins were available.

The fruit is freshly cut, basic fruit.

The pink parfait is strawberry and is basically plain yogurt with toppings. You can add more of the fruit section if you want, which is fine. The same can be said for the vanilla parfait. The overnight oat parfait is delicious. It’s slightly sweet and well balanced. The fresh granola added a nice crunch to it all.

The cinnamon roll is slightly warm and a bit tough. The blueberry chocolate chip muffins are basic. They were still moist, but the chocolate chips could have used more chips. The blueberry had a nice crispy strudel filling.

The croissants were advertised as multigrain, but they were mostly butter. The jams are grape and strawberry and are basic jar jelly jams.

It was slightly warm but a bit hard to be outside.

The cheese biscuits were amazing. They were soft, warm and buttery. They also had a butter brush to brush them. The sausage sauce is a good accompaniment. We were worried it would be too salty, but it wasn’t. It’s nothing special, and the two go well together, but the cookies are also wonderful on their own.


We ordered these starters as part of our breakfast buffet, but they are also available without a buffet at the prices listed below.

Dark chocolate waffle – $15

Compote of dried cherries, Espresso-Mascarpone cream, chocolate shavings and choice of sausage or bacon

These waffles are thick and the edges are flaky and crispy.

They were rich without being too chocolatey.

We had them with strawberries from the buffet, which was delicious.

They are perfect for sharing or for a solo meal. We recommend them.

Breakfast Flatbread – $14

With sunny egg, applewood smoked bacon, ham, provolone and arugula

That was delicious. It was made while we were in the buffet line so it was fresh.

It’s a hearty pizza that you can easily share.

The egg was perfectly cooked and flowed over the pizza.

The crust was crispy and there was no shortage of meats.

There was a good balance between cheese and meats and the arugula added a peppery freshness.

We would definitely recommend this option.


We enjoyed this buffet and recommend it to anyone looking for a good breakfast at Walt Disney World. There is a wide variety of dishes, from savory to sweet. The buffet itself accompanies the appetizers, providing guests with plenty of sides to add to their meal. The starters themselves were delicious and had good portions.

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