Restaurant Road Trip: WVU Medicine Children’s Cafe


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Everyone needs to eat, including patients and visitors to the upcoming WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital.

“It was very important to us to offer 24/7 options, so we’re making sure we’ll be open 24/7,” said Donald Hahn, who is acting as as Retail Nutrition Supervisor at WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital. Coffee.

From take-out options to patient rooms, all options have a sense of whimsy and nutrition to keep children and their families happy in the hospital, from breakfast to sauces and meals during lunch and dinner.

“The pancakes are going to be shaped like cars, animals, dinosaurs because it’s fun and easier for kids to grab and eat,” said Children’s Cafe chef Tiffany Mossgrove.

Mossgrove explained how she hides vegetables to ensure the food is healthy and appealing to children.

“There are a lot of vegetables in it, and if you chop them finely and add them to your sauce, it’s very hard to tell they’re there. It’s a way to add more nutrients to the meal,” she said.

With offerings like different flatbreads, chicken sandwiches, burgers, and fun sides like onion rings, there’s something for everyone in the oasis they’re creating at the kids’ cafe.

Creating an environment where they could get away for a little while and enjoy a muddy pup or a nice cup of coffee and delicious food just to get away from it all depends on the environment we want to create.

Retail Nutrition Supervisor at WVU Medicine Children’s Cafe

And even picky eaters can currently try a selection or two of the children’s cafe in the main hospital’s cafeteria before it opens later this year.

“Just take a bite and go from there; if you don’t like it the first time, keep trying it because as you get older your palate changes,”

There are many great options at the Children’s Cafe for our families, patients, and everyone at the new Children’s Cafe at the new WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital.


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