Restaurant hits back at rude diner who said they should have gone to Toby Carvery instead


An Italian restaurant owner has hit back at a rude restaurant who complained about both his food and service, then says he should have gone to Toby Carvery instead.

The customer, who visited Sapore to celebrate a birthday, said he couldn’t understand ‘how anyone could give the restaurant good reviews’.

Sapore, which is in the Sheldon area of ​​Birmingham, has a 4.5 star rating on the travel website with over 300 reviews. It also received a Travellers’ Choice Award in 2021, Reporting live from Birmingham.

The restaurant’s anonymous owner replied that it was “too bad” the restaurant didn’t share his feedback on the day of his visit, instead writing a review on TripAdvisor.

They also said it was “very weird that your food was so horrible and disappointing that you managed to finish it all”.

A recent reviewer, who only visited Sapore last week, described it as a ‘wonderful restaurant’, while another restaurant said they ‘can’t wait to go back’.

However, the anonymous reviewer, who had appeared to be from Wakefield, left Sapore a one-star rating – with his review headlined “Awful ‘Italian’. Avoid, it’s overpriced and the food is bad”.

Their full review read: “We went to eat at Sapore to celebrate my 60th birthday with my mum and kids. The restaurant was very quiet but it was 2pm on a Sunday afternoon.

“That didn’t mean we were served very efficiently though as the waiter seemed slow throughout.

“To start we ordered the seafood platter which was incredibly salty and well boring and uninspiring. The platter included some of the prawn and crab cocktail which had been ordered by two of our party again , it was very tasteless.

“Our main courses included a margherita pizza, which is hard to mess up, the Valtellina pizza… which was awful according to my son. My mum had the langoustine pasta which still had a gritty stomach inside, so this didn’t was not a pleasant surprise.

“My lamb was overcooked and the sauce was sour… it also came with roast potatoes which were soft and not crispy at all. The other main course was a carbonara which to be honest could have come out of a jar.

“The mediocre food and almost arrogant service made us wish we had gone to Toby Carvery up the street! I don’t understand how anyone could give the restaurant good reviews.”

But the owner of Sapore decided to respond to the negative reviews. And they didn’t hold back with their long answer.

The response read: “Thank you for taking the time to write this review. We are always open and happy to hear constructive feedback as none are perfect and there is always room for improvement.

“It’s only a shame you didn’t decide to share your feedback with us the day you dined at Sapore. It’s very weird that your food was so awful and disappointing when you managed to finish it all .

“Nothing was mentioned to your servers, who would have been more than happy to rectify any issues you may have encountered.

“Regarding your food: Seafood platter – have you asked your server what it includes? Perhaps if you had you would have been informed that it is served with a prawn cocktail and of crab…

“Lamb – as the menu indicates, it is served with a white wine and rosemary sauce; this should indicate that the sauce will not be sweet but a little sour (like white wine).

“Carbonara – all of our pasta is made to order, so let us assure you that your carbonara didn’t come from the pot.

“Scampi pasta – we actually remove all the meat from the shells and leave the shell just for presentation, so not really sure about your gritty stomach comment. Pizza – again, if it was so awful, why did you been eaten and nothing was mentioned to day?

“As for speed of service, I understand that you might get served faster at Toby Carvery, as they obviously don’t cook your food to order. Everything there is pre-cooked and just reheated. That’s not the case at Sapore, I’m afraid.

“Sapore is proud of the satisfaction of its customers and the quality of its products. We are once again sorry that we did not meet your expectations on this occasion.

“That being said, we would prefer direct contact or even a conversation on the day you dine with us rather than using Tripadvisor as that leaves no way to resolve issues. Hope we all agree on the fact that our restaurant is not for you because there was obviously nothing you liked…

“We wish you the best for your future culinary experiences. The Sapore team.”

Sapore has nearly 320 reviews on Tripadvisor, 270 of which are rated “excellent”.

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