Restaurant Dozy leaves behind all its teeth after a visit to the restaurant that staff must find


A sleepy diner left a restaurant without his teeth.

Staff were stunned when they found a full set of dentures as they cleared up in the early morning.

Owner Emma Whelan has them appearing in lost property alongside more conventional abandoned items like keys and phones.

She said: ‘We had a party upstairs and there were a lot of people downstairs too.

“We didn’t find the teeth until late in the night. It is a complete set.

“They definitely miss someone.”

She posted a plea on The Barclay Pizza & Prosecco’s Facebook and Instagram pages to find the person.

He said: “We get a lot after a night at Barclay.

Forgotten Denchers went viral

“We’ve had house keys, phones, even a single shoe (she must have skipped home) but this one is new. So if you have lost your teeth… YES TEETH!! Call us, we’ve kept them safe for you. Ps. It must have been an amazing night.”

Emma, ​​who runs the restaurant in Oldham, Greater Manchester, with partner Gill Taylor, said her social media appeal has gone viral.

The restaurant said no one answered the call
The restaurant said no one answered the call

She added: “No one has responded yet.

“We have so much left here that it’s ridiculous. But it’s gone absolutely crazy.

“The last time a post on our social media got this crazy was when I advertised our hoisin dick pizza instead of hoisin duck.”

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