Ralph’s Cafe in Brooks opens for the season


Going out for breakfast is pretty much my favorite thing.

It’s true. If someone told me tomorrow that I could never go out to dinner again and that I could only go out for breakfast, I don’t think I would bat an eyelash. For real. I can cook dinner at home. But I really love it when someone else cooks my breakfast. My mother knows this and is often ready to kill bacon and eggs in the blink of an eye.

Here in the Bangor area there are some great places to go, but having spent most of my adult life in southern Maine, I’ve grown accustomed to the insane amount of choice for a small- to eat lunch. Here, there is a little less choice, so sometimes you have to widen the circle to have a little more variety.

Ralph’s Cafe in Brooks fits that bill perfectly.

If you’ve never been to Ralph’s, it’s a pretty trippy place. If you’ve ever spent a lot of time in Portland, this looks a lot like the old Silly’s restaurant. There are weird photos everywhere, lots of campy stickers and framed vintage advertisements, things like that. It’s a super eclectic place, and they are reopening this weekendaccording to their Facebook page.

The menu is also very unique. Lots of gluten free stuff, crazy selection of fresh baked goods, eggs though, lunch…there’s something for everyone. Where I live on the outskirts of Hampden, Ralph’s is a short drive away. In fact, where we are, plus Winterport and Belfast and other surrounding towns, is the local haunt.

So when Ralph’s is open, it means it’s time for warmer weather and better days. Of course, its absence makes the winter much longer. But hey, you have to take the good with the bad, right?


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