Pub restaurant died after choking on a piece of steak, inquest finds


A woman has died after choking on a piece of steak in a pub, a coroner has said.

Pensioner Margaret Atack, 77, is said to have been eating with her family at an – unnamed – pub restaurant on January 3 this year when she choked on the piece of meat. She fell unconscious and stopped breathing.

An account of her inquest, led by Deputy Coroner Sonia Hayes at Oxford Coroner’s Court, noted: “Backslaps and a Heimlich maneuver failed to clear Margaret’s airway and emergency services have been called.”

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An off-duty firefighter began CPR and continued chest compressions until paramedics arrived. They managed to free the piece of steak from Ms. Atack’s airway.

She was taken to John Radcliffe Hospital by paramedics but did not recover.

Ms Atack died on January 4, a day after the incident at the pub, the cause of her death being hypoxic brain damage. The secondary cause of death was noted as choking on a piece of steak.

The Deputy Coroner, Mrs Hayes, entered a finding of accidental death.

The inquest file indicates that Ms Atack, née Holyoak, was born in Hebburn, Tyne and Wear, in March 1944.

She was a retired catering assistant who lived in Western Avenue, Didcot. She was a widow.

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