Premier Inn adds vegan bacon to its buffet at over 800 hotels


Guests staying at the Premier Inn now have a wider range of vegan options to choose from, thanks to a new partnership with plant-based meat brand THIS.

The collaboration sees the UK’s largest hotel brand add vegan bacon to its buffet menu across all of its 800+ hotels.

The plant-based bacon strips – which contain 25 grams of protein per 100 grams and contain iron and vitamin B12 – were made by THIS using pea and soy protein.

Bacon will be available as part of Premier Inn’s all-you-can-eat buffet, as well as its no-meals offer for kids.

Hungry for meatless options

It comes as a seemingly ever-increasing number of Britons are making a conscious effort to eat fewer animal products. In fact, a study published by Quorn in September found that 41% of families in the UK are flexitarian or meatless.

Yet many want to see more plant-based foods when dining out.

THIS Almost half of Britons would swap their bacon for a vegan version for breakfast.

A census-wide survey conducted by THIS in May found that 75% of Britons wanted hotels, cafes and restaurants to offer more plant-based options.

The same survey found that almost half (48%) of UK residents are interested in eating plant-based sausages or bacon for breakfast.

“Breakfast is a great opportunity for people to come together, and our beloved breakfast is a great hassle-free way to do that,” said Simon Jones, Premier Inn’s general manager.

“With the recent introduction of our new vegan bacon in partnership with THIS, there is now even more choice so no one has to run out!”

THIS co-founder Andy Shovel echoed that sentiment, saying the partnership is “really promising and timely”, given the British public’s growing interest in meat-free foods.


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