Peter Luger’s famous Brooklyn steakhouse is getting closer to the West Coast


Ever wanted to sample aged steaks from New York’s oldest steakhouse?

Pierre Luger will soon be a short flight from the Bay Area.

The iconic restaurant will open its third American restaurant — its first outside of New York state — at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas by the end of 2022, the owners announced Monday.

“It was essential for us to be able to bring to Las Vegas the same menu, the same atmosphere and, most importantly, the same quality beef that we are known for in New York, and Caesars was aligned with this vision”, Amy Rubenstein , Chairman Peter Luger said in a statement.

This will be Peter Luger’s first domestic expansion in 60 years. However, the restaurant has expanded with an international location, in Tokyo, in late 2021.

Known as New York’s original steakhouse, with dry aging of beef on site, Peter Luger opened in Brooklyn in 1887 and decades later in Great Neck, New York.

Besides the premium beef, the restaurant is known for its signature steak sauce and other dressings, as well as its sides of thick bacon, creamed spinach and German-style sautéed potatoes, all served by waiters in bow ties.

The Michelin-starred restaurant was named to the James Beard Foundation’s “America’s Classics” list in 2002.


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