Outback Steakhouse fans will love the company’s latest announcement


The New Outback Steakhouse catering menu now offers evenings for buffet meals or individual meals for groups of ten or more. The buffet-style menu allows diners to grab selections of wings, chicken tenderloins, and steak skewers. It even offers a cheeseburger bar that allows customers to create their own burgers. On the other hand, pre-made individual starters for sale include classics like Queensland Chicken and Prawn Pasta, a classic sirloin and even individual meal salads.

It’s not the first time the chain has offered a restaurant service, but with the revamp, it just might feel like it. A Outback Steakhouse location in Minnesota had a previous local dining option that had a very extensive menu and included odd items like bruschetta and Chicken Marsala.

The new way to feed a crowd via a restaurant menu may have the potential to keep diners excited, but only time can tell if people warm up to the thought of getting Outback Steakhouse steaks and skewers complete for years. large groups of people. Either way, the option has the potential to entice more customers to eat chain food, and the new menu helps steer the restaurant in new directions.


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