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A short scenic drive west into the countryside brought us to Obscurity Brewing in the heart of Elburn, just off Route 47.

The large interior houses a long full bar near the entrance, a brewery production area with tanks to the rear, and plenty of seating at tables and high tables, including community-sized ones ideal for families or the groups. Facing the bar, the open kitchen exudes the tantalizing aroma of smoked meats.

The restaurant’s website notes that Obscurity lives by the golden rule of “low and slow” barbecue, with its food slowly smoked in the wood-burning smoker every day.

It’s a relaxed, rustic setting with a high ceiling and wonderfully executed murals on large walls near the kitchen. They range from a pop version of a cityscape to a giant bee, emblematic of Obscurity’s mead production.

A flight of beer, cider and mead at Obscurity Brewing

Several families with children dined inside during our stay. And the place was filling up fast.

The menu includes grilled meats, appetizers, sandwiches, sides, salads, desserts and a children’s menu.

We had a hard time deciding between the BBQ choices of brisket, shoulder, shrimp and ribs a la St. Louis. Turkey and meatloaf complete the list. The problem was solved when we spotted the “choose three” option, which serves two people.

For a taste of the mouth-watering sides, we chose three out of four to accompany our meal: charred citrus coleslaw, baked beans, and the Midwest Street tangy corn cup, made with smoked corn topped with chipotle ranch lime, Cotija cheese, cilantro and Tajin Seasoning. All were good, with the bourbon and smoked maple baked beans standing out decadently spiced up with bacon, peppers and brown sugar.

The fourth side dish option is chili cheese grits with fire roasted poblanos and red peppers.

Choose 3 barbecues at Obscurity Brewing in Elburn

A large paper-lined tray arrived with our beautifully arranged barbecue selections. Three excellent sauces enhanced the tender and flavorful beef brisket and pork shoulder, joined by two delicious lightly charred shrimp skewers.

We’ve mixed and matched a flight of five 5-ounce Obscurity drinks, ranging from creamy stouts to mead, cider and red beer.

A covered patio adjoins the restaurant. And located just across the driveway is the beer garden, with live music at 7 p.m. on Saturdays, when Mother Nature cooperates. The spacious space, which houses bag games and its own bar, also hosts special events.

A few blocks east is Obscurity Mead Hall & Cidery at 21 S. Main St.

Venturing further afield, food truck Obscurity will be at every Kane County Cougars home game this summer in Geneva, offering a mix of its staples, as well as items served only at the ballpark.

Obscurity Brewing has established a fun and welcoming collection of destinations in Elburn.

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WHAT: Brewing Darkness

WHERE: 113 North Street West, Elburn

CALL: 630-320-2255

INFORMATION: www.drinkobscurity.com


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