Moment of horror, a hungry diner ‘pulls out his gun and shoots the kebab chef four times for making him wait too long’


This is the horror moment a starving restaurant allegedly pulled out a gun and shot a chef four times for making him wait too long for his kebab.

Impatient customer Federico Pecorale, 29, was arrested for shooting Yelfri Guzman, 23, at the Casa Rusti restaurant in Piazza Salotto in the town of Pescara, Italy.


The man can be seen shooting the leader several timesCredit: Newsflash
Another restaurant employee looks shocked


Another restaurant employee looks shockedCredit: Newsflash
The 23-year-old was shot dead at the Casa Rusti restaurant in Pescara


The 23-year-old was shot dead at the Casa Rusti restaurant in PescaraCredit: Yelfry Guzman/Facebook

Shocking footage from the scene appears to show Pescorale shooting the boss multiple times while another worker can be seen in shock in the corner.

Pecorale, from Montesilvano, reportedly waited for his order at an outside table.

He reportedly walked into the restaurant and started rowing with the chef after being given a serving of badly salted skewers.

According to reports, the suspect pulled out a gun and shot the young chef, who is from the Dominican Republic, several times.

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The chef, who is also the father of a two-year-old boy, underwent surgery and is currently recovering in hospital.

After the alleged shooting, the suspect reportedly took refuge with relatives in the area before attempting to flee north by taxi.

The police arrested the suspect at a gas station on the A14 motorway in the province of Pesaro and Urbino.

During a search, officers reportedly found a semi-automatic pistol that was allegedly used in the shooting.

Pecorale was receiving a disability pension after a car accident at age 19 left him with severe brain damage, The Republic reports.

His lawyer Florenzo Coletti said The center his client always carried a gun on him as he was often mocked for his disability.

The 23-year-old victim told local media that she was “terrified” that she could no longer walk after her horrific ordeal.

He said local media“I thought: I’m dead, I’m almost dead. I prayed so much to God.

“I don’t know what triggered his fury. He had come the previous two days to eat, I didn’t know him.

“He had eaten a round of skewers and asked for ten more. He told me, however, to make them saltier because the first ones didn’t have any.”

The investigation is continuing.

Yelfri Guzman is currently recovering in hospital


Yelfri Guzman is currently recovering in hospitalCredit: Newsflash

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