Mom receives two breakfast bills after being spotted at hotel buffet


Part of the pleasure of a night at the hotel is the aroma of breakfast that fills your room when morning arrives. And for many of us, the delicacies on offer are so much more than we would have time to prepare at home.

But here comes the dilemma – what to choose? Well, one mum was a little surprised to be charged for two breakfasts – after being spotted at the buffet.

The Mirror reports how the woman explained how she found herself facing two bills while staying in a country pub, after helping herself to a few drinks and toast. “We went down for breakfast this morning and the waitress asked if we wanted the continental breakfast for £7.95 or the cooked breakfast for £10.95,” she wrote on a mumsnet forum.

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“We all had the cooked breakfast, she took our orders and left. I then went to the continental buffet and had juice for my child, a cup of tea for me and 2 slices of toast to accompany our cooked breakfast.

“She delivered the cooked breakfast, everything was very nice, then presented us with the bill which charged us 3 x continental breakfast and 3 x cooked breakfast. I said she charged us for two once and she said she saw me going to the buffet so I had to get paid.

“After a bit of a fuss she agreed to only charge for cooked breakfast but said not to tomorrow and if I wanted tea/juice/toast I had to order it with my Was I cheeky to incur the cost of a cooked breakfast including juice and toast from the buffet?

Many people have come to the mum’s defence, saying a cooked breakfast often also includes a continental. “I’ve been to many places where you help yourself to juice etc when you made breakfast. I probably would have assumed the same,” one person replied.

A second wrote: “She’s wrong, you’re right – I’ve traveled a lot. If that’s pub policy they should be named and humiliated in your review.” Others argued that the woman shouldn’t have gone back for a second breakfast if she didn’t want to pay for it.

One person said: “Either pay for the continental buffet or order cooked breakfast from the menu. Neither.”

Someone else added: “Of course you were cheeky. You chose a cooked breakfast and then went to help yourself to the continental buffet. I’m surprised you got away with it without paying.”

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