Mike Copeland: Old Ryan’s Steakhouse will be demolished; Main event shots; Sweet Valentine’s Day Options | Local business news


“I had feelers, yeah,” said Reid, who thinks the area is ideal for a convenience store, car wash, oil change shop or fast food restaurant.

The area between Ryan’s site and the movie theater continues to evolve. Reid brokered a deal with a group to build a Hispanic-oriented grocery store on land closest to Ryan, but it never materialized.

“They actually cleared the ground, put some sand in, and prepared to build,” Reid said. “Then they just stopped, and I don’t know why.”

Other nearby property, specifically the land where a former Precision National Plating plant once stood, “belongs to the theater people,” Reid said. The building is gone, but pieces of the foundation remain. The discovery of chromium around the former plant site and in groundwater prompted the involvement of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Monitoring wells have been installed to track remediation efforts.

The TCEQ responded to a Tribune-Herald inquiry last week in an email, saying, “The Precision National Plating Services Inc. site, located at 333 S. Valley Mills Drive in Waco, is processed in the program of voluntary cleaning of the TCEQ. The facility operated from approximately 1960 until 1997, when the plant was decommissioned. Soil and groundwater contamination has been delineated. Soil contamination has been addressed.


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