Manhattan’s best high-end buffet is Brazilian steakhouse Fogo de Chao


Posted by Wei Min Tan on August 7, 2019

What I miss most about traveling to Asia are the high end/hotel buffets. They are expensive but the food selection is huge and of high quality. That’s what Manhattan and the United States in general don’t have. The closest thing to an Asian-style hotel buffet in the United States would be the buffet at the Bellagio in Vegas. In America, a “buffet” has a very opposite meaning. In the United States, a buffet refers to food weighed by the pound, usually in a pick-up-and-go type restaurant.

In Manhattan, Fogo de Chao has the best high-end buffet. It’s a Brazilian steakhouse I go to almost every week. The atmosphere is nice, the food is unlimited, and the location in Midtown Manhattan is very convenient.

Huge salad bar

Fogo of Chao has the most comprehensive salad bar (ironically, since it’s a steakhouse). I usually go there for the Gaucho lunch, which include the unlimited salad bar and a piece of meat. They also have a salad bar option only and the Full experience option with all-you-can-eat meats and salad bar.

This is where I can fill multiple plates with 10 different colors of vegetables and feel full. As a backdrop, my daily morning workout burns 1,500 calories, so I eat a lot and need nutrients that can only be provided by a wide variety of dark-colored vegetables.

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upscale salad bar buffet in manhattan

A side of the salad bar

great variety at the Fogo de chao salad bar
The other side of the salad bar


In a regular steakhouse, you normally order a cut of steak. But in a Brazilian steakhouse, the waiters (called Gauchos) offer different cuts of steaks/meats. They keep coming and coming and coming….

Each person receives a coaster that is green on one side and red on the other. When you turn the coaster over to green, the gauchos continue to arrive, serving you their cut (rib steak, lamb, chicken, picanha, sausage…). When they have returned to red, they stop coming with the meats.

interior of the restaurant in fogo de chao
Fogo de Chao in Midtown Manhattan

This is the place to go if you are looking for an upscale buffet experience in Manhattan.

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