Manchester News: Woman ‘humiliated’ as pizzeria rejects lone restaurant | United Kingdom | News


The manager said she was ‘baffled’ after the bouncer told her the restaurant had a ‘no singles’ policy and she was turned away. This despite restaurant patrons later confirming that they had no such policy.

When asked why they told her it was because “they have a bar inside”, which left her confused and at first thought it was a joke.

On her way home from work, she visited the popular restaurant, Romona, in Manchester city center hoping to treat herself to a pizza.

She had also paid to park nearby, which cost her £4.

However, upon arrival she found herself embroiled in a strange argument with the security member who told her they couldn’t let her in because they “would also have to let single men in” or it would be” discriminatory”.

Romona’s bosses have since told Manchester Evening News they do not operate a no-singles policy and claim to be looking into the allegation.

The Detroit Pizza Specialists website says the restaurant reserves the right to refuse “large single-sex parties,” but makes no mention of a “singles policy.”

When a member of the local newspaper tried to make a reservation for someone online, he was able to do so.

The ‘humbled’ manager said: ‘After a long day at work I thought I’d treat myself to a nice meal at Ramona on Swan Street. I paid £4 to park nearby for two hours and walked around on the road.

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She added: “I find this absolutely shocking and I am still in disbelief. I agree that they shouldn’t discriminate between men and women, but I don’t know why any one man would be a threat or a danger.

“I’m a school principal – not that it really matters – but I had been to work so I was reasonably well dressed, I wasn’t drunk and just wanted to grab a bite to eat. I don’t see a single good reason why I was treated like that. There was no apology or empathy, just an attitude.”

Andrew Marshall, Director of Operations and People, said: “It is not Ramona’s policy not to accommodate single men and women. We are currently reviewing the allegation and cannot comment on individual cases.”


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