Lincoln’s Doorstep Diner Raises Funds for Ukraine


LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – Doorstep Diner Catering prepares traditional, family-style Ukrainian meals to help those in need. Proceeds from sales will go to relief efforts in Ukraine.

They team up with a Ukrainian Nebraska Wesleyan teacher and have a close relationship to find a deserving organization. People can place orders in advance and pick them up on Tuesdays at any of their Lincoln locations. The head chef at Doorstep Diner came up with the idea.

“Chef Nester texted and said I had an idea, and I thought of what a great thing we can do in the Lincoln community,” said Laurie Fraser, CEO of Doorstep Diner.

The idea came from wanting to make a small difference and bring customers a new taste of cooking.

“Because we are so far from Ukraine, we look at the information we see on the internet, but it’s far away, so what can we do here to have an impact?” said Fraser.

Doorstep Diner has partnered with three other Lincoln businesses: Simple Wellness Massage, Reise Electric and Cook’s Cafe who will match the donations.

For those who would like to order a meal or make a donation, you can go to Doorstep Diner Catering website.

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