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The place

Pioneer in the world of South American meat, Latin first introduced Brazilian cuisine to China in 1998 when it opened its flagship restaurant in Lujiazui.

Traditionally trained chefs and servers bring the freshest cuts of barbecued meats straight to your table and slice them to perfection to ensure the best taste and freshness.

Latina offers diners an endless choice of beef, pork, seafood and an extensive self-service buffet filled with pastas, vegetables and superb South American desserts.

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

After more than 20 years of serving award-winning cuisine, Latina continues to thrive. And that’s an understatement, considering they just opened their fifth location in Shanghai – this time in In the city in Minhang – with upscale steakhouse-style decor, designed by renowned Brazilian designer Fernando Bendao.

High-protein options take center stage, with a strong emphasis on quality over quantity.

The food

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

If you’ve ever visited a Latina restaurant, you know you’re in for an epic feast – from a sprawling buffet of Brazilian salads, soups, entrees and sides plus desserts to traditional Brazilian meats, seafood, cheeses and breads. . and snacks.

There are also drink packages that include cocktails, beer, wine, and soft drinks.

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

Now Latina at all locations is kicking things up a notch, with the addition of delectable delights like Wagyu beef, green lobsters, Vietnamese black tiger prawns, Black Label Jamon Iberico de Bellota and more.

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

The menu has three levels, from which diners can select the one that suits their palate.

First, there is the Original Brazilian BBQ (RMB198/lunch, RMB298/dinner) which includes access to the full Brazilian buffet of soups, feijoada (Brazilian black beans), pasta, traditional hot dishes, desserts, seasonal fruits and ice cream, cheese platter, breads, empanadas, chicken nuggets, fried polenta, fried bananas and fries.

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

Go to Deluxe Brazilian BBQ (RMB 296/lunch, RMB 396/dinner) which includes the original set plus cuts of Angus beef, rib eye, top sirloin, short ribs, bottom sirloin, grilled oysters, langoustine, scallops and salmon.

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

For the ballers, there is also the Premium Brazilian BBQ (RMB498) which includes the Deluxe set plus carved Iberian ham (48 months), Wagyu beef, green lobster and free-flow cocktails, wine and draft beer.

All food options also have additional drink options which range in price from 68-128 RMB depending on which drinks are included.

Bonus: kids under 1m eat free all day and night, and kids under 1.4m eat half price. Families are always welcome.

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

Ok, let’s get to the meat.

Being a Brazilian steakhouse and barbecue joint, it’s all about the exceptional churrasco – grilled meat that’s slowly rotated on long skewers over an open flame to ensure it’s cooked evenly.

These same long skewers are then served directly on diners’ plates, allowing individuals to choose the best cut of meat in a Rodizio style (at will).

It’s a tradition that began centuries ago in southern Brazil and continues today across the country – and around the world!

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

At Latina, they use whole cow cuts, as well as chicken, lamb, and pork options. The quintessential Brazilian steak is the picanha, of which Latina offers two kinds: the top sirloin and the angus picanha – the latter being offered to upscale diners.

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

You’ll find waiters arriving at the table with juicy slices of meat in all their forms, still sizzling from the grill – beef ribs, beef tongue, chuck roll, beef bump, homemade sausages – you name it, they have.

Not to mention some of the fun flavor combinations they’re known for, like Bacon Filet Mignon, Parmesan Filet Mignon, and Beef Skewers.

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

In addition to grilled meats, there are also roasted plantains, cinnamon-charred pineapple, and steamed shrimp, just to name a few of the endless stream of total indulgence available.

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

The meal ends with an extensive array of South American desserts – creamy corn pudding, dulce de leche, sticky coconut cake, rice pudding, sugar-cooked plantains, sundaes, chocolate pie, caramelized flan and candied pumpkin…trust us, there are even more.

(But we wholeheartedly admit that it’s a real challenge to gain space after the main feast, even though we know how delicious the sweet ending is.)

The atmosphere

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

The space receives plenty of sunlight by day, streaming in from the floor-to-ceiling windows, shining on the glistening slabs of constantly featured meats.

The copious buffet spreads out like a royal banquet, fresh and full of odds and ends to satisfy all tastes. Yet the tables still feel intimate, private – ideal for a working dinner or lunch.

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

Compared to other Latina locations, this location is enhanced to accommodate A La Town clientele; it serves as a catch-all for grilled protein – South American style – that showcases the simplicity of meat without the extra butter or oil.

And it’s a hell of a friendly alternative to New York or French downtown steakhouses, especially for those with the necessary appetite.

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s

Price: RMB198-498
Good for: Business lunches, date nights, family outings
Who go: Meat lovers, Brazilians who feel like going home, those who work and/or live near the Hongqiao hub

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[Cover image by Sophie Steiner/That’s]

Image by Sophie Steiner/It’s


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