Khazana Iftar Bazaar: Buffet of exquisite Hyderabadi delicacies throughout Ramadan


It is said that for many Dhaka residents, breaking the fast during Ramadan seems incomplete if they don’t have jilapi at Khazana, the fine Indian restaurant that has been serving Bangladesh for 20 years. This Ramadan, get ready to indulge yourself with delicious and exquisite food from Khazana, as their Ramadan offer of Iftar Bazaar is in full swing this year!

“In India, the cuisine changes every 500 miles from Hyderabad to Kolkata to Mumbai, so what we’re trying to do is give you that transformative taste that also goes with the local palette,” said Avishek Sinha, CEO of Khazana.

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The restaurant presents Jashn-e-Nizam, a special Hyderabadi iftar from the city of Charminar. Be it the Hyderabadi Murgh Dum Biryani with its aromatic taste that has just the right level of spicy chicken inside or the Nihari Ghost, which feels so delicious when you have it with nan roti, the Charminar Food Stall at Khazana is sure to make you savor the authentic delicacies of Hyderabad.

With food safety and hygiene being of the utmost importance to us, Khazana made sure to make the dining experience even more memorable, featuring live counters of kababs, rolls and his famous jilapi,’ Khazana ke Jelebi’. Watching scrumptious jilapi and kababs that twinkle your taste buds prepared right in front of you adds even more special appeal to the live counters!

“Iftar cooking is live; you see the buns, the jilapis being baked right in front of you. It gives us the opportunity to demonstrate cooking with our fresh ingredients, which our guests enjoy and which give us confidence to be trustworthy,” Avishek added.

Khazana’s other flagship products such as Haleem, Kadai Chicken, Dal Makhni, Fish Hariyali Kabab, Chicken Dopiaza, Dum ka Murgh and many more are also available alongside their Hyderabad focused foods. Their Matka lassi, available in a sweet and savory variant, offers a very refreshing taste. For dessert, in addition to the wonderful Jelebis and Laddu, their Gulab Jamun is another item that those of us with a sweet tooth cannot resist!

Upon entering Khazana, you will notice that the interior features a combination of modern and classic Indian design, coupled with its spiral staircase and impeccable seating arrangements for guests. Artwork on the walls creates a gallery feel while shades of emerald and gold throughout the decor give off a regal feel. It also offers an open roof terrace, a lobby and a banquet hall.

Khazana Restaurant will be hosting an iftar buffet dinner throughout the month of Ramadan. For families and companies, special packages with a wide variety of selections will be offered, as well as take-out iftar boxes and dalas.

Khazana is at house 8, road 53, Gulshan – 2, Dhaka. For reservation please call 01711476379.


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