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Steak, for better or worse, has become a staple in the diet of millions of Americans. Along with the evolution of cattle shipments from the ranches of the western United States after the Civil War, steakhouses began to appear in American cities. Today, they are part of the restaurant landscape in many cities.

While some of the late 19th century steakhouses in New York are still in operation, the best steakhouse in America is the SP Brazilian Steakhouse in Lakeway, Texas.

There have been discussions over the past few decades about the health risks of eating red meat. Harvard Medical School recently criticized a paper that found “weak” evidence that red meat or processed meat is harmful. Harvard experts were quick to explain the study’s flaws and point out the body of evidence to suggest otherwise. “Red and processed meats increase health risks,” they write.

Health risks, however, do not appear to have dented steak sales. Perhaps the upside of eating beef – being palatable to many – was enough to bring customers in. (That’s the price of the steak in the year you were born.)

There are probably thousands of steakhouses across the country, ranging from such glamorous establishments as Wolfgang Puck’s Cut restaurants and “Top Chef” star Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak to chains like Outback and LongHorn.

Yelp recently compiled a list of America’s best steakhouses for 24/7 Tempo. The site identified businesses listing steak as a specialty, then ranked them based on a number of factors, including user ratings and total number of reviews. We list the top 25 restaurants, including the best.

The list of restaurants, notable for the absence of many high-profile steakhouses, may seem a bit unusual to some. Many of the establishments on the list aren’t even really steakhouses, but rather restaurants where steaks are particularly popular. Either way, Yelp’s listing is full of hidden gems that are sure to satisfy any steak lover. (Here’s the best hidden gem restaurant in every state.)

The best steakhouse in America is the SP Brazilian Steakhouse in Lakeway, Texas. Here is what a visitor to this establishment thinks: “What a wonderful experience. The food was amazing. Another comment: “The service was impeccable, the food delicious and a great atmosphere.” Rib eye, tenderloin, top sirloin, bottom sirloin, and prime rib are among the meat offerings.

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