IT’s Fire Dept. Coffee will open its first cafe next year


Some people can’t start their day or live their life without coffee, and I’m 100% one of those people. I’ve never been too picky about the coffee I drink, just include caffeine and delicious creamer, but once I tried fire brigade cafeI was addicted.

What makes firefighter coffee so good?

Is it because Fire Dept. Coffee has so many delicious roasts to choose from? Sure.

Is it because the Shellback Espresso blend from Fire Dept. Coffee is exactly the boost I need to clear my brain fog every morning? Absoutely.

Is it because they share funny videos that are filmed at Illinois Fire Institute like this on their Facebook? YEAH.

Seriously the biggest thing that got me addicted to the Fire Dept. Coffee is double. First, it’s veteran-owned, firefighter-run, founded and brewed in Rockford. Second, they use a portion of all their earnings to support first responders and veterans who have been injured on the job (mentally or physically) or are facing serious challenges in life.

Now that I’ve preached about the greatness of the Fire Dept. Coffee (and hopefully convinced you to to buy right now), allow me to share some exciting news with you;


By now I’m sure you know that Fire Dept. Coffee bought the old Al Grace Appliance building on W Riverside to use as their headquarters and warehouse…

Google Street View

Google Street View

BUT…they’re taking their expansion one step further by opening a cafe just down the street in this now vacant building they just purchased at 901 W Riverside.

Google Street View

Google Street View

Last month, Fire Dept. Coffee asked Facebook to help them choose the exterior design for their new café, and fans responded in their thousands!

Personally, I prefer the extra touches of red in Option A, but I like the end result even better…

Now that we know what the new Fire Dept cafe will look like. Coffee, WHEN can we expect it to open? We may not know the official date yet, but The WREX article says they plan to open the cafe in 2023. Until then, I’ll be patiently waiting while enjoying a variety of roasts from Fire Dept. Coffee.

I wonder if the cafe will serve recipes from the local fire department’s secret station? I hope so!

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