Is a Hudson Valley company really giving everyone dinner for 2?


A post from a restaurant in the Hudson Valley claims it is offering all customers a free dinner for two. Is it too good to be true?

The post claiming to be from a Texas Roadhouse executive was posted on Sunday evening detailing how customers can get a free meal including drinks. In the post, Gerald Morgan reportedly explained he was making the offer as a “good deed”. The free meal is a reward for the restaurant’s loyal customers in light of the tough times everyone has been through over the past few years.

The post was shared on several Dutchess and Orange County Facebook groups, garnering thousands of comments and shares.

Hello everyone, I’m Gerald L. Morgan. I am very happy to announce that I am the new CEO of Texas Roadhouse. I’d like to start my new job with a good deed for everyone because I know lately has been hard times that’s why I’m going to reward everyone who shares and comments by March 2 with a voucher to get a meal for two with drinks at any Texas Roadhouse (1 per person)

The post also includes a link that customers must click to complete their entry. Within hours, thousands of customers have already responded to the message, explaining what the free meal means to them.

Unfortunately, these people have all been scammed.

The post is not from the actual Texas Roadhouse restaurant. Instead, it was generated from a fake account whose sole mission is to harvest your personal information. Unfortunately, even after the scam was reported by countless Facebook users, people continue to click on the link and share their personal information in hopes of getting a free dinner.

It’s the same endless cycle of misinformation and denial that has caused people to distrust a life-saving vaccine and continue to believe debunked political messages. Even when presented with clear facts that this is not the real Texas Roadhouse Facebook page, people continue to put their personal information at risk because they desperately want it to be true or are all just too stubborn to admit they’ve been duped.

The only difference here is that the worst thing that can happen is a stolen identity and being embarrassed when you show up to claim your free dinner for two. More serious Facebook scams have left vulnerable people unvaccinated and dead, or unknowingly promoting very un-American ideals in the name of “freedom.”

Although the message has just been created, the scam is not new. Texas Roadhouse has been fighting this scheme since the fall. In a post pinned to its verified Facebook page, the restaurant explains that this is completely untrue.

While we can’t fix every terrible problem Facebook has spread across the country, people who get burned by this scam will hopefully think twice before believing the many other big lies that the social network continues to perpetuate.

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