Internet horrified by ‘worst plane passenger’ pictured enjoying seafood buffet in mid-flight


When you board a long-haul flightit is customary to bring snacks or drinks for nourishment.

But one plane passenger took this idea to dizzying new heights.

An incredulous stewardess posted a photo of a traveler enjoying a sumptuous seafood platter while seated on a domestic flight in the United States.

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The woman was pictured enjoying a sumptuous seafood lunch on the plane. (Reddit)

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Spotted on Reddit, the woman can be seen indulging in a meal of cooked lobsters and assorted seafood – breaking one of the greatest unwritten rules of in-flight etiquette.

A man is pictured next to the woman in the economy class section, where a seafood platter has taken up an entire seat.

The photo was originally posted in a group for cabin crew and flight attendants, who were collectively horrified by the woman’s decadent in-flight meal.

“Wow, that’s rude on the upper level,” wrote one flight attendant.

“Imagine if someone around them had a severe seafood allergy,” another noted.

One joked, “How the hell? I can’t even bring a fucking full tube of toothpaste on a plane.”

Cabin crew said the smell would be overpowering on a small airtight plane. (Getty)

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While the woman’s actions weren’t technically prohibited on a plane, cabin crew described the odd food transport as simply “annoying”.

Meanwhile, other users pointed out that the food was perfectly legal as the woman probably bought it from a restaurant after the security gates.

“Is it boring and extra? Yes,” wrote one cabin crew member. “But not breaking any rules as far as I know. Just giving them extra trash bags, towels and asking for a crab leg.”

Others complained that the smell would be the biggest issue, especially on a small plane with limited ventilation.

“Ah, that’s the problem. Didn’t see a problem initially, but yeah, the smell would be off-putting to people around,” one person said.

“Seafood should be banned on flights,” said another.

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