Former chef’s kitchen in Owensboro now Anthony’s Steakhouse and Buffet


OWENSBORO, Ky. — Old-school steakhouse fans have a new option in Owensboro, Ky., at Anthony’s Steakhouse and Buffet, formerly Chef’s Kitchen.

Chef and owner Anthony Tong developed Chef’s Kitchen as a pizzeria and hot food buffet, but found weekend prime rib buffets drew crowds. His decade of experience at the famous Gabe’s Tower Inn in Owensboro led him to change the format to a classic steakhouse menu accompanied by a buffet.

“Gabe’s was known all over the country,” he said. “It sat 1,200 people and I saw them serve 5,000 on a Friday in the mid 70s. Lots of VIPs came to eat there. We had a seafood buffet, a prime rib buffet on Sunday, a nice menu. They served the good old dishes like Rockefeller oysters, Newburgh lobster; they had live South African lobster which you can’t even get these days. Everything was made from nothing. »

Tong held every position in Gabe’s kitchen over a 10-year period, starting with cleaning, then washing up and finally becoming day chef. Since then, he started his own business and opened several restaurants.

Anthony's Steakhouse entrees are served with homemade bread and strawberry butter.

“Some of them succeeded and some didn’t,” he said. “I opened some in the surrounding small towns; I like to keep trying new things.

He opened Chef’s Kitchen over four years ago, but recently decided to make the big change in format and menu.

“I decided Owensboro had so many pizza places that another really wasn’t needed,” he said. “I love steaks; I love these steakhouse dishes. We have a unique menu because I want to give people some of the things I learned years ago that are different from basic steaks and fried shrimp, a selection. Since we changed format, we do 300 people on weekends.

Anthony’s steaks are hand cut from premium choice 21 day aged primals and premium beef.

Prime rib from the weekend prime rib buffet at Anthony's Steakhouse and Buffet.

On the dinner menu, choose your favorite cut of steak or combine it with shrimp or chicken. The chef’s elegant specialties include the top sirloin Crab Imperial – a steak topped with crab and bearnaise sauce; Crab Chicken Oscar; and chateaubriand for two – a large portion of roast beef tenderloin surrounded by potatoes, vegetables and mushroom caps.

Sides walk on the south side, with choices including baked cheesy asparagus, sweet potato casserole, and fried green tomatoes.

Chef Anthony Tong grills with Sous Chef Armani Heredia at Anthony's Steakhouse and Buffet in Owensboro.

At lunch, you will find the same hot buffet as before when the name was Chef’s Kitchen, without the pizza. Dishes may include meatloaf, barbecued ribs, sliced ​​ham, vegetables, salad bar and desserts. The price for the lunch buffet is $8.99. The buffet continues until dinner, priced at $9.99. The steakhouse menu starts at 3 p.m.

On Friday and Saturday nights, prime rib with mushroom juice is added to the buffet from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. for $14.99.

On Sundays, the restaurant is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with a brunch buffet.

Children are welcome at Anthony’s. A kids’ menu includes grilled cheese, steak bites, and chicken tenders. Catering for small to large parties is also available

Reservations are recommended on weekends.

If you are going to

Anthony’s Steakhouse is located at 636 Southtown Blvd. in Owensboro.

Phone: 270-240-2717


Tuesday – Thursday 11am-8pm

Friday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Sunday 10am-3pm

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