Feed Your Soul: Southern Soul Food Buffet


BASTROP, La. (KNOE) — Bastrop has a new restaurant that knows soul food, Southern Soul Food Kitchen.

Opened by Katrina Pates and her sister, it all started with a call to Pates from the manager of the Magnolia Mall.

“I’m trying to open up this place that used to be Nick’s. I want someone I know who can cook and stuff, he said. Do you want to come in with me? No, I’m trying to open my little hamburger restaurant,” Pates said.

She realized it was a good deal and she decided to open on November 1, 2021. And customers are already hooked when they taste the food. “It’s my second plate,” said Robert Leach, a first customer, and he plans to return.

First customer Robert Leach returns with a second plate at the Southern Soul Food Buffet.(KNOE)

The buffet has everything including fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, yams, corn, rolls and fresh salad.

There should be no excuse for leaving hungry. The chicken has great flavor with the rest of the selections. This is all down to the way Pates was raised.

“My great-grandmother raised me. You had to cook; you had to learn. I was the only girl in the house with her. The boys had to go outside. You had to know what to do inside. She made the best peach cobbler, but she made it with toast. A lot of people want the peach cobbler, you know; they want chicken and fish. People come and say you all have the best chicken in town,” Pates said.

Even Mayor Betty Alford-Olive agrees that this place is customer-focused. Upon entering, the vibe of the place is open and inviting.

“I am welcome that my company is appreciated. And I know every customer who walks through their door feels the same,” Alford-Olive said.

Pates wants everyone to be in a good mood when they eat here.

“Even when they feel bad. I want to be there to make sure they feel good once they’re here. You know, they might when they leave, you know, I have no control over that. But while they’re here, I want to see a smile on their face and eat with them,” Pates said.

Grab a plate, fill it, because the Southern Soul Food buffet in Bastrop will feed your soul.

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