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Located on Route 47, just north of Main Street, Goodfella’s Beef serves a classic American menu. From hot dogs and chicken strips and fries, to soups and, of course, a made-to-order beef burger, the Huntley spot has staples that can please almost any palate.

On a Thursday night with snowfall, I popped into the restaurant, which has a games lounge added last year. The restaurant seemed to be winding down after the day, but the man working the counter was always as helpful as he could possibly be.

He guided me through the menu, which not only had a wide range of options, but affordable prices. Asked about the burger, he mentioned that he thought theirs was the best in town. That was quite the statement, but he thought Goodfella could live up to it.

Supply shortages meant hot dogs were banned on Thursday, but I opted for the classic one-third pound ($6.75) burger. I skipped over doubling it and adding bacon. I wanted to save room for my side of curly fries, which is $2.75 or $5.25, depending on size, and a basket of chicken tenders, which is $5.50.

Other options include chicken, gyros, pizza puffs, chili, and corn dogs. And given the word beef in its name, the restaurant certainly highlights its classic Italian beef recipe, which can be customized with cheese, garlic, and peppers. Families will find a Little Fellas menu for kids.

There’s no shortage of the side menu either, offering diners classic fries, tater tots, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, and jalapeño cheddar poppers.

Burger topping options, in addition to cheese and bacon, include mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, onions, tomato, and lettuce.

While waiting for my food, I browsed the restaurant. Just like its logo and name, the restaurant offers a classic and simple look. To the side is a room full of games for those feeling lucky.

The highlight of the evening, the third-pound beef burger with a generous side of curly fries, was juicy and crunchy, but also kept itself from being a mess.

The starters were worth the wait. The burger was a highlight of the evening – it was juicy and the bun had a bit of a crunch. The sandwich was also not messy to eat, holding up well throughout the meal.

The curly fries complemented the burger very well and were also hot and fresh. The offerings were a good side along with the other dishes. At the end I was stuffed, but a take away box always solves that problem.

While I was eating, the man tidied up the restaurant and chatted with me. It was a good meal with hospitality to boot.

Chicken tenders with fries and ketchup make for a great, simple meal for those of all ages.

Goodfella’s Beef is a quality option for anyone looking for lunch or dinner. Open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., the restaurant offers a varied menu, games and an inviting atmosphere. While the restaurant has made a name for itself with its beef, it excels in many things, including chicken and fries.

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WHAT: Goodfella’s Beef

OR: 10980 Rte 47, Huntley

CALL: 224-569-3640

INFORMATION: goodfellasbeefhuntley.com


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