Disney Harvest Market by Cafe Company


Disney fans rejoice! This adorable cafe inside Shibuya Hikarie Mall offers a variety of healthy Disney-themed meals, as well as a gift shop with merchandise featuring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and friends.

Disney Harvest Market aims to serve light meals with less salt and fat. Dishes are reduced in fat and prepared without trans fat. Each dish features a small decoration inspired by a specific Disney character, such as the Giant Mickey Mouse Mushroom Burger Plate (¥2,530). The burger comes with a large mushroom filled with slices of grilled beef as well as onions shaped like Mickey’s gloves. The dish is served with a salad instead of fries.

You can also opt for the Cheerful Fishermans-style Conchirie (¥1,980), a pasta dish with lots of greens, confit mackerel, and lemon espuma, which makes Donald Duck look like tripped over your plate. There is also a Pluto Yellow Hummus and Vegetable Dip (¥935) served with bone-cut bread sticks.

Foodies won’t want to miss the Strawberry Banana Minnie Mouse Oatmeal Pancakes with Yogurt Cream Topping (¥2,200) or Fruity Frozen Yogurt Parfait (from ¥1,650). You’ll also find refreshing squash and smoothies on the menu (¥1,100), as well as afternoon tea service for just ¥3,960 per person.

To match the Disney theme, the restaurant has a large statue of Mickey in the center of the room. If you’re visiting with a group of friends, you can get a private room, each decorated according to different Disney characters, including Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy. Note that you will have to pay an additional fee when booking a private room (from ¥2,800, depending on the room).

Don’t leave without browsing the on-site gift shop. You’ll find T-shirts (from ¥3,850), mugs (¥2,292), and tote bags (¥2,750) emblazoned with the restaurant’s logo, as well as Mickey Mouse soft toys (from ¥4,180), postcards (¥2,200), and more.


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