Diner who refused to pay for ‘not an Irish duck’ returns to restaurant to explain, Singapore News


After refusing to pay for “not an Irish duck”, the restaurant then returned to the restaurant, the Tung Lok Group said.

In an Instagram post shared on March 24, the company wrote that the man had been in Duckland at Paya Lebar Quarter the day before to settle the $35 bill for a half roast Irish duck.

But why did this “duck guru” leave the restaurant during his previous visit?

The Tung Lok Group explained: “He remembers visiting another branch about two years ago and remembering that the Irish duck was fatter then.

“Therefore, he doubted that the duck he ordered this time was from Ireland.”


He added that the dish they serve now is lower in fat as it has reduced the amount of fat in the ducks following improvements in cooking technology and feedback from customers.

The Tung Lok group had clarified in an Instagram post on March 23 that their roast ducks come from Silver Hill Farm in Ireland.

“We are upset that half a duck was wasted, and view this as outright sabotage,” the restaurant chain said at the time, adding that it would file a police report.

However, some netizens felt that the Tung Lok group was overreacting to a small incident, considering that the man had not consumed the food.

While thanking the man for his sincerity in returning to pay the bill, Tung Lok Group clarified in its latest Instagram post that no police report had been made.

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