Diner shares scathing review of ‘disgusting’ £500 meal at Newcastle Michelin restaurant


When it comes to dining out, there is nothing better than going to a Michelin starred restaurant.

House of Tides on Newcastle Quayside is the only restaurant in town with the Culinary Honour, along with a host of other accolades, including four AA Rosettes and fourth place in the UK Top 100 National Restaurant Awards 2021. Serving cuisine Seasonal modern British and local ingredients wherever possible, it’s one of the highlights of the city’s food scene.

However, there is just no satisfaction for some people. A hard-to-please reviewer tore the restaurant to shreds earlier this week, unhappy it paid over £500 for food and likened the decor to that of a prison.

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The reviewer also suggested sacrificing House of Tides for delicious fish and chips. Hmm… While they might hit the spot on a day on the coast, that doesn’t seem like a fair comparison.

But were owners Kenny and Abbie Atkinson upset with the review? Not if their response is anything to go by.

Reviewer gave House of Tides a one-star review on Google

Reviewer Peter Holloway wrote, “House of Tights for Money” is what this place should be called, after this “restaurant” with prison decor, and serving the rudest, most horrible and the most insipid that is charged to us. I absolutely do not recommend it to anyone who likes and appreciates tasty and well cooked food.

“I felt bad every second there, I didn’t like a single dish from the tasting menu. I don’t understand the point of this type of restaurant!

“Having a good meal when you pay hundreds of dollars for it has to be a golden key in a restaurant so it should be at least satisfying! I will never go back to this awful disgusting restaurant they should be ashamed to give a Michelin star to this cook.

“The owners should also be ashamed to charge £582 plus 12% service charge. Please don’t go, you’ll regret it, stick to a good fish and chips.”

A dish of lamb, sprouted broccoli, onions and kohlrabi at House of Tides in Newcastle
Peter Holloway doesn’t recommend dishes like this… lamb, sprouted broccoli, onions and kohlrabi at House of Tides in Newcastle

However, restaurant staff were unfazed by the review and issued a one-line response to the tagged reviewer. The owner said: “I’m glad I was able to help you with your spelling (which has been changed for this article) and thanks for your feedback, I’m still going to sleep well at night.”

While this isn’t the first bad review House of Tides has received on Google, the one-star reviews are far surpassed by diners who leave delighted. Its overall Google Reviews score is 4.7, while it is ranked 80th out of 849 restaurants in Newcastle upon Tyne on Trip Advisor, with over 1,000 of its over 1,400 reviews giving it five stars.

Have you been to House of Tides? What did you think of the experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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