Dee’s Diner Winner of the 2nd Annual Owensboro Kentucky Burger Week


Votes were cast for the most delicious burger in Owensboro, and Dee’s Diner clinched the title of Burger Champion. Their “one of a kind” French Toast breakfast fondant has left guests wanting more. Here are your top voters during Owensboro Burger Week.


This year, thirty-four restaurants participated in the 2nd annual Owensboro’s Burger Week contest. Each participating restaurant competed to be the best in Owensboro. In the end I tried six different burgers, Chad sampled over twenty and many of you got in on the burger action too. All the burgers were award winning, but only one could win.

Ryan Fulkerson’s 5 best burgers, based on where he sampled.
I had 5 different restaurants I ate at for #boroburgerweek I only took one picture of my winner. Here are my opinions on the best burgers:
5) Campfire Beef Burger
4) Old Hickory’s “Hickory Burger”
3) The “Owensburger” farm stand
2) Bourbon, Beer and Bacon Burger Preservation Stations
My big winner for Burger Week 2022 is…
Owensboro Country Clubs “The Paddock”
#owensboroburgerweek #locallove

Nate Gross had this to share, “It happened again… We are so excited to eat the burgers that we forget to take the pictures. Today was Lizzie’s restaurant. This burger can now take the top spot on my list. Pretzel buns aren’t my first choice, but this was the best pretzel bun ever. I would take it again just for the bun, but the bacon and beef were great too.
Tried at least one serving of 7 burgers. I’m aiming for three more in the next two days, then a nap.


Jason E Bellamy took full advantage of Burger Week, “Stop #4 of the Burger Week Final Tour. Ritzy’s triple Texas! Phew! It was a huge burger. Burger #13 overall. It’s over for me and #owensboroburgerweek. It was a fun event and I had fun comparing notes with other burger fans!

Amanda J Bozarth chose it!,”The #3 Burger Pick of the Week was Dee’s Diner. We ordered 10 take-out burgers, and Wes picked them up and distributed the orders to our neighbors. This breakfast themed burger was a work of culinary art! If he doesn’t win #owensboroburgerweek, there may be protests!

Owensboro Burger Week Champions 2022


Barb Birgy – WBKR

Barb Birgy – WBKR

Dee’s Diner was the real deal. Every social media post was cohesive in appearance and equally delicious. It had been on my list since day one, so of course Chad and I devoured one. The French toast was perfectly cooked so you could take the burger and dip it in the raspberry jam. The jam offered just enough sweetness but didn’t overpower the burger. If I was the judge, this burger would also be best in class.

Barb Birgy – WBKR

Barb Birgy – WBKR

Jarrod Malone made sure Dee’s Diner was on the burger menu, “One of our favorite events in Owensboro!!! (and we still don’t have a green egg.) But…. this year, Cameron wants to challenge everyone to post their most creative photos with their burger, and make this event even more fun!

Get up first. Dee’s Diner “The French Toast Burger”. Two scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, Angus beef patty, perfectly cooked French toast, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and the bonus….. served with raspberry marmalade. Fried tips included. Serve for breakfast or lunch.

Cameron enjoys his Dee’s Diner Burger during Owensboro’s Burger Week!

Cameron enjoys his Dee’s Diner Burger during Owensboro’s Burger Week!

It’s safe to say owner Kenneth Harper was thrilled to hear the news. I had the chance to chat with him about the victory! Listen.

Here’s the winning moment when Dee’s Diner was crowned Burger Champ of 2022.


Barb Birgy – WBKR

Barb Birgy – WBKR

Dee Ann Bryenton enjoyed her Get the Pork in My Belly burger,”I had this for lunch today! It should be on the menu!

Nancy Barnard agrees, “Delicious! And wonderful service!


Visit Owensboro

Visit Owensboro

Randy James enjoyed The Maker’s Melt,”I had one tonight. It was delicious and more than my belly could handle!

Kristie Whitaker Bowlds agrees:Three more burgers made Owensboro’s burger week list.
Legends, Condom Station and O’Bryan’s.
O’Bryans was my favorite of all I’ve tried with Preservation Station coming in second. I would have liked to try more… maybe next year!

Tracy Travis Mayes shared: “Our top 4 favorite burgers were 1- O’Bryans Bar & Grill the Makers Melt. 2- Don Mario’s Piña Chipotle Burger. 3-Norm McDonald’s Gutbuster & 4- Beef O’Bradys Beef’s Campfire Burger.

Daniel Tierney has tried many burgers, “Today was Norman McDonald’s and they may have moved up to number one! It was great!
#owensboroburgerweek #boroburgerweek #locallove

Jason E Bellamy tried Lizzie’s Diner for the first time and shared: “I had a quick burger lunch for me and Amy Arnold Bellamy! Wow, this burger was amazingly good. I had never been to this place but will be going back to check out their other dishes! Great job, Lizzie’s Diner.”

The Delicious $7 Burgers Featured in Owensboro Burger Week 2022

Visit Owensboro has just revealed the 34 burgers that will be taking part in Owensboro’s Burger Week, March 1-5.

Owensboro Burger Week is presented by Visit Owensboro, the City of Owensboro, Independence Bank and the Kentucky Beef Council.


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