Daytime Diner: New Retro-Themed Cafe Ames Serves Luxury Coffee | News


Daytime Diner, a local cafe serving drinks and pastries, opened in Ames in October.

The newly opened Daytime Diner focuses on creating quality, luxury coffee in an approachable atmosphere.

Ashley Wood-Rivera runs Daytime Diner with her husband. The couple are from New York, where they previously owned three other cafes.

“We make coffee to a very high standard there,” Wood-Rivera said. “That’s really what we focus on. We don’t offer any food or anything; we just have pastries. So when we came back to Ames, we wanted to share our love of coffee with the community.

Daytime Diner opened in October, with the hiring and construction process beginning in August.

The Daytime Diner menu consists of pour-overs, cold brews, espresso drinks, cocktails, beer, and wine. According to Wood-Rivera, each drink is handcrafted to be of the highest quality possible.

“We believe that quality food and beverages should be presented in an accessible way,” Wood-Rivera said.

Next to the register is a cooler with wines, non-alcoholic beers, and other specialty sodas.

In the kitchen, the staff prepares homemade sourdough bread. At the coffee bar, each cup of coffee is brewed cup by cup like a pourer.

“I know every time I take it out, we’ve been working on it for a long time behind the scenes to make sure that cup of coffee or that shot of espresso is as good as it gets,” said full-time employee Justin. Rowe.

The Daytime Diner’s interior is decorated to look like a retro 70s diner. Guests are greeted by emerald green seating, pink walls, and gold light fixtures inside.

“What appeals to me is the aesthetic of the restaurant, watching the sunrise in the morning, watching the light pour over the space is so beautiful,” said part-timer Emma Finch.

According to the owners, connecting with the community through coffee has been part of the fun of opening the restaurant.

“Coffee is really special,” Wood-Rivera said. “It connects people in so many different ways.”

Customers find Daytime Diner to be a social space to catch up with friends, do homework, and have a cup of coffee.

Daytime Diner is located at 127 Dotson Drive. The restaurant is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Tuesday to Friday and from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.


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