Country buffet to replace Caddys Chill & Grill


Renovations are underway inside and outside the building at this time.

Matthew Sasser | Daily newspaper

ROCKINGHAM – Granny’s Country Kitchen, located in the former Caddys Chill & Grill and Ichiban building on East Broad Avenue, will potentially open next month in Rockingham.

Owner Steven Dunn, who also owns Discount Grocery in East Rockingham and Ellerbe, said he had wanted to open a restaurant for a few years and was just waiting to find the right spot with enough parking.

“We have surrounded ourselves with a good team of people who have been in the restaurant business for 20, 30 years,” said the first-time restaurateur. “We let them guide us in the right direction in what we need to do.”

There’s a new paint job inside, as well as new buffet tables, fryers, and silverware.

Dunn said they plan to eat fried chicken every day. Homemade meatloaf, a “huge” salad bar and various vegetables and soups are some of the items that are planned for the buffet.

“I think everyone was looking for a country buffet with a bigger selection and enough room to sit down,” Dunn said. “We are right next to 74. People can come during their lunch break.”

Granny’s Country Kitchen will be open for lunch and dinner, with a breakfast buffet expected a few months after opening.

Dunn expects the restaurant to be open in mid-February. Renovations have been underway for about a month and a half.

“We’re on track right now in terms of what we think we need to do,” Dunn said. “We are on the right track, but things can happen.”

Granny’s Country Kitchen is in the process of hiring staff at the moment and Dunn added that they have had great success so far with hiring.

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