Closed: Seven Steakhouse & Sushi in Downtown Minneapolis


Seven Steakhouse & Sushi, which anchored the corner of Hennepin Avenue and N. 7th Street in downtown Minneapolis for nearly 15 years, closed Monday.

With three levels and an expansive rooftop patio, the closure of one of the city’s largest establishments leaves a 30,000 square foot gaping hole in downtown nightlife and hospitality.

“There’s just a moment when you have to stop the bleeding,” said co-owner Erick Patterson.

The restaurant and nightclub adjacent to the Pantages Theater are operating at 40% capacity compared to pre-pandemic levels and only open three or four days a week, Patterson said. “And we’ve seen it get worse over the last two weeks with new warrants being added. Downtown isn’t improving from a crime perspective or the level of interest from returning customers. We we’re just burning money at this point.”

Staff were notified of the closure on Monday. Around 120 workers, including security staff, were laid off.

Patterson said he and his partners hoped the closure would only be temporary, but he was not optimistic about reopening. “My gut tells me I don’t think it’s going to be a feasible option,” he said.

Seven opened in 2007 and has become a bottle service playground for celebrities, athletes and musicians, as well as before and after theater crowds. Yet he found himself mired in financial difficulties, including bankruptcy in 2009. Money troubles continued until he was auctioned off in 2017. New owner attempted to turn the place into a classic American steakhouse by bringing in Twin Cities’ top chef, Sameh Wadi, for a consulting assignment.

Over the years, the area has seen other restaurants and entertainment venues come and go, including City Works, and before that Gameworks, in the former E Block. But Seven had always held on – until now .

“We’ve been through a lot with COVID. We’ve been through George Floyd,” Patterson said. “Most people who have a restaurant this size would have closed down a long time ago.”


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