Burglars caught drinking stolen alcohol from Hani’z World Buffet


A TRIO of burglars broke into a restaurant in Warrington town center before being caught in the act by police while stealing booze.

Shaun Taylor, Shaun Scanlon and Karl Breary have targeted Hani’z World Buffet on Bridge Street after it was ‘trashed’ in a previous burglary.

Taylor, from Latchford, appeared for sentencing at Warrington Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, March 31, in connection with the break-in and a series of other incidents – including one which saw him strangle a passenger without mistrust during an unprovoked attack on a bus.

The court heard that the owner of the buffet restaurant received a call that three men were present inside the vacant premises on December 2 last year.

He called the police and officers present found the three defendants inside liquor bottles that were stored in the building.

While the restaurant had been ransacked, it was found that this criminal damage had not been caused by Taylor, Scanlon and Breary.

Shaun Scanlon

Then, on December 13, the former was caught shoplifting at the Esso service station in Wilderspool Causeweay.

A staff member called the police and locked the 40-year-old man from Eagle Mount inside the garage.

He then handed over a ready meal burger and a jalfrezi curry microwave meal he had hidden on his person.

Taylor was due to appear in court on January 28 but was “denied entry due to his high level of intoxication”.

Police were called to the scene and warned him to leave the scene, but he was arrested after he spat and insulted officers.

In a fourth incident on February 28, he was heard drunk ‘talking to himself’ on a bus before placing his arms around the neck of a passenger sitting in front of him and putting him in a ‘chokehold’ .

The attack lasted “four to five seconds” before Taylor returned to his seat “as if nothing had happened”.

He was asked to leave the service but he refused and the police were again called.

In defence, Peter Green told the court: “The burglary is almost like glorified theft because the premises have already been ransacked.

“The men just came in and helped themselves to the alcohol.

“In a nutshell, if you stop him drinking, you will prevent him from committing offences.

‘Locking him up will only get him off the streets for a few weeks and then he’ll be back to square one – or probably worse, because he’ll lose his home.

“He’s never been in police custody before, and he’s absolutely terrified of the prospect.”

Taylor, who has 12 prior convictions for 21 offences, admitted burglary, assault, theft and drunken and disorderly behavior and received a two-year community order.

Sentencing, District Judge Nicholas Sanders said: ‘I hope you can reflect on looking back that these are nasty offences, especially the one on the bus.

“It really worries me.

“The guy was just minding his own business and you attacked him. It was pretty short-lived, but it wasn’t for any obvious reason.

“There must be a turning point in your life – you must be able to turn it around and solve your drinking problem.

“If you continue to commit offences, you will spend more and more time in detention.

“At the moment you are a drain on resources and the only person who can deal with it is you.

“This is hopefully the time when your new life can begin.

“Don’t ruin it, because if I see you here again, you know what’s going to happen.”

Taylor must adhere to a 12-week electronically monitored curfew from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., a rehab activity requirement of up to 30 days and a six-month alcohol treatment program.

He was also told to pay £140 compensation to the victim of the assault.

Scanlon, 45 and of no fixed address, and Breary, 47, of Lovely Lane in Whitecross, pleaded guilty to burglary and have already been sentenced to 15 weeks in prison and a six-week suspended prison sentence respectively.

No charges have been filed in connection with the first burglary.


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