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Nestled in the Algonquin Commons is Jiang’s Mongolian Grill.

Known for their build-your-own stir-fry, Jiang’s offers a buffet-style setup where the customer grabs a bowl and platter and starts creating.

The menu is affordable and varied, with Jiang charging at the plate, the price also depends on when you decide to dine. A lunch bowl Monday through Saturday is $12.99, while a dinner bowl and any standard bowl on Sunday is $14.99. .

The restaurant guides the customer through the creative process with their menu when the diner sits down.

Included with building your own stir fry is a soup and salad bar. It also acts as an alternative to ordering a stir-fry meal, offering unlimited selections of soups and salads for $8.99.

Additionally, Jiang’s offers appetizers with its entrees, including Crab Rangoon ($5.95), Spring Rolls ($3.50), Egg Rolls ($3.50) and Pork Balls ($7. $50).

The first step to creating your own stir fry is choosing a meat or other protein. There’s plenty of variety, including imitation crab, barbecue chicken, and fish.

For our stir-fry, I chose to make a mixture of peppered beef with shrimp. For veggies, I opted for baby corn, snow peas, mushrooms, onions, and broccoli to bring out the best in the beef and shrimp. The array of vegetables to choose from also included soy beans, jalapeños, peas, carrots, and green peppers.

The next step in culinary construction was to select the sauce from more than 10 options, including peanut sauce, sweet and sour sauce, teriyaki, and orange sauce. We decided to go with the Spicy Szechuan.

The final decision was to choose a grain to accompany the dish. The customer has one of three choices, including white rice, rice noodles, and Chinese noodles. I opted for the Chinese noodles.

Once the customer is done gathering the ingredients they want for their meal, they walk up to the chef in the middle section of the restaurant. There is a large circular flat-topped grill run by the chef, who cooks all the ingredients for the customers. The diner is given a number for this element of the process, and the chef announces it once the food is cooked.

The chef called us to the grill to hand us the dish which looked phenomenal.

The end product of Jiang's Mongolian Grill stir-fry.

The beef was tender and went well with the broccoli. Although the restaurant noted that the Szechuan sauce would be spicy, it was not particularly hot. Overall, the collaborative dish turned out to be hearty and delicious.

At Jiang’s, customers determine their culinary destiny, with the interactive component adding its own flavor to the experience.

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WHAT: Jiang’s Mongolian Grill

OR: 1740 S. Randall Road, Algonquin

CALL: 847-458-9888



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