Buffet breakfast at TGI Fridays near Universal Orlando


Occasionally I will speak with someone who is planning a vacation in the Orlando area but has not visited in about 15 years. They describe planning to feed their teenagers on a buffet breakfast. I feel bad for telling them that the old days of quality cheap breakfast buffets on every corner are over. Many former breakfast buffet locations suffered greatly during the height of the pandemic. Those who survived charged significantly more than in previous years.

While staying at the Holiday Inn and Suites across from Universal Orlando, I was lucky enough to enjoy the closest off-site breakfast buffet to Universal Orlando. Also, I recently dined at one of the breakfast buffets on site. Accordingly, I will compare them a bit.

While you might not think of breakfast when you hear of a TGI Fridays restaurant, this one right near Universal Orlando serves breakfast daily. They open for breakfast around 7:30. If you are staying at the Holiday Inn and Suites Across from Universal Orlando, you can use an indoor walkway leading to the restaurant. Hotel guests have the option for children under 13 to dine for free here with paying adults. Buffet breakfast is $14.99 (drinks included). It may seem expensive. Remember that you are on the territory of a theme park.

The setup of this breakfast buffet is similar to most breakfast buffets. Servers were very polite during my experience. If you are looking for a theme park level theme for breakfast, this place will let you down. For example, the music volume exceeded the normal breakfast time level. Yes, the volume level probably stayed at the evening volume level. Nothing in the music screamed “Hey, you’re going to a theme park today.”

All the expected American style breakfast buffet offerings appeared on their breakfast bar. There were muffins and bagels in one section. In addition, toasting bread also existed there.

Eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausages and small pancakes could also be found.

Since it’s Florida, fruit also appears on the breakfast bar. In a way, fruit tastes better in Florida than in most of the United States.

In another section, customers could find oatmeal and syrup for pancakes.

So, what did this breakfast taste like?

Well, the breakfast prices are average meals. If I had the choice, I would pay the higher price for an on-site breakfast buffet at Universal Orlando. That said, only the cookies and sausages rank below other off-site breakfast buffets in the area. Western style eggs were probably the best tasting dishes at this buffet.

This buffet will meet your needs, especially if you are staying at the Holiday Inn closest to Universal Orlando with children 12 and under. If your breakfast goal is to fill everyone’s stomach so you can save money in the park, this buffet will help you do just that. If you desire high quality breakfast options, you will miss this buffet. Now, if this sideboard offered a standout item, then the prize would be a much higher value. However, this place lacks a standout buffet item.

If your large group decides to take advantage of one of the suites at the Holiday Inn and Suites Across from Universal Orlando, this buffet has everything you need.

As always, eat your way!

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